Favourite photo friday

Once upon a time “Favourite Photo Friday” was a regular weekly post on Saitama with kids. I’ve since deleted many of those posts, because they weren’t informative enough. The blog took a turn from a blog-blog to a website-blog and the favourite photo Friday feature lost its place.

The emphasis of the blog went from blogging about things we did and places we’d been in Saitama, to more detailed information posts about things to do in Saitama. It’s been ages since I’ve just blogged… no maps, no phone numbers, no pertinent information… just sharing a few photos of our adventures today.

It is more than halfway through spring break for two of my kids, and less than halfway for the other two. I always take advantage of this precious time together to bring the kids to various places and expose them to a variety of experiences.

I remember reading a blog post when my oldest was just a baby that bringing your child/ren out for a day is “cheating”as a parent. Her logic was that treating your children to a day out is a cop out for you, the parent. Nine years and four kids later I am now in the position to contest that. In my experience, it’s the other way around.

When you are at home with children it is easy for household chores, tasks, phone calls and dozens of other things to take you away from your children. Likewise, they can easily get engrossed in a game or a book or playing with their toys. And you don’t have to hands on parent them as much.

When you are out and about with children you are present with them. I personally never use my smartphone when I am out with the kids (or anyone for that matter), hence my Instagram is not “insta” more “later” gram!!! I have no distractions, they have no distractions. We are truly with each other. And I get to teach and parent them in ways that are not possible at home.

In addition, they get to experience life without any props, especially when you are in nature. No toys, no devices, no screens. Just them, you and the great outdoors. It is a great lesson in making your own fun and enjoying your company. It is not easy parenting or a cop out, it is quality time making the kind of memories children will remember forever.

I had absolutely no intention to get into any of that. Lol! Back to the present. Today’s adventure brought us to an off the beaten path local sakura spot along the Iruma River in Kawajima. We were the only people there. Not another person in sight the whole time we were there. But as we were leaving we could see a cyclist on the horizon.

The cherry blossoms were about three quarters in bloom. Another few days and they will be stunning. There is nothing in the immediate vicinity so it was very tranquil. The kids made their own fun, running around, make believing, searching for flora and fauna.

Favourite photo friday

I am not a photographer and my photos are unfortunately below par, but they are important to me. My visual diary. This, the photo immediately above, is my favourite photo Friday this week. Not because of the scenery (which of course was a bonus), but because my 6 year old daughter is talking to the cherry blossoms. Another precious moment caught in time💖.


    1. Thank you 🙂 And they really love it too, so good for everyone.

    1. oooh I really would love to see the DC cherry blossoms someday. Any photos I’ve seen they look really amazing.

  1. What a fun day for all of you. I love the photo of your daughter talking to the blossoms!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 We caught her talking to the grass today, hehe!

  2. What beautiful photos! I love cherry blossoms. They’re my favorite!

    1. Me too, and plum and peach blossoms too. Gorgeous time of the year 🙂

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