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Information for Firefly viewing and daylilies during rainy season, at Chichibu Muse Park, Ogano Town, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Like many parks around Saitama Prefecture, you can see fireflies in Chichibu Muse Park in early summer. Moreover, they offer a supervised viewing event once a year. The date depends on the conditions that year, but generally the firefly season is around mid June to early July. Thus, the supervised viewing date falls very late June or very early July. In 2023, its the latter. In addition, the daylilies in the park tend to reach full bloom around the same time as the firefly viewing event. (No guarantees though, it will of course depend on Mother nature!)

Firefly Viewing

In 2023, the ‘official’ firefly viewing period – according to Chichibu Muse Park – is from Friday 23rd June to about July 8th. During this period you are free to visit the park to try and find some fireflies. However, please respect the rules – no lights, no loud noises, don’t use the high beam lights on your car and don’t try to catch any! They advise 8 pm as the best time to see them and to use parking lot number seven. They will start updating the official website with the approximate number of fireflies once they start mating. In 2022, there were only about 30 fireflies by June 28th. The numbers increased the following week.

If you would like to view them with a supervised guide, you can do that on one night only:

Firefly viewing with a guide

The firefly viewing event in Chichibu Muse Park is very popular, attracting people from near and far. Moreover, it is a free event. It falls during rainy season, except in 2022 when rainy season ended abruptly much earlier than normal! The date is decided by the life cycle of the fireflies in a given year. In 2023 they are hosting their firefly night on Saturday July 1st. The park attendants not only show you to an area where you can view fireflies, but they also offer some information about the life of fireflies. The event will go ahead if there is light rain, but not heavy rain.


The firefly viewing is a night time event, but if you are visiting the expansive park during the day, you can usually see daylilies around the same season as the fireflies. Chichibu Muse Park is renowned for its daylilies. They are located near the South Entrance car park. The daylilies, also known as Hemerocallis, typically bloom from mid June to early July. The official website generally starts to update on the condition of the daylilies from around mid June. In 2022, they had started to bloom by June 9th, but there are no updates for 2023 yet.

Chichibu Muse Park Firefly viewing event 2023

*Bring your own torch to navigate the park, but you can’t use it when near the fireflies*

Date: Saturday July 1st 2023

Time: the event starts from 6.30 pm. It will go ahead in the event of light rain, but maybe cancelled if there is heavy rain.

Location: at the Parthenon in the park (Chichibu Muse Park), which is relatively near the gingko avenue and central parking lots 1 and 2. HOWEVER, they request you use parking number 7 if you are coming to see the fireflies. You can read more about the park on this blog here.

Address: 2518 Nagaru, Ogano, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0102

Phone: 049-425-1315

Online: Official firefly event web page and the daylily (hermeocallis) page. Chichibu Muse Park information in English.


The nearest stations are Chichibu Railway’s Chichibu and also Ohanabatake stations and Seibu Chichibu station. The park has several free official car parks dotted around the park for those coming by car. The south parking lot is closest to the daylilies.

If you are looking for somewhere closer to Tokyo for firefly viewing.

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