Fishing with kids Kawajima town Saitama Japan

Fishing with kids – I’ll be perfectly honest; fishing is not my thing. But my kids love it. Normally my husband brings them, but I have been with them a couple of times. Including their last visit a couple of weeks ago. The kids were inched into a love of fishing, by free local events with fish catching events. Not in the way that they can do at Kawajima Tsuri Bori, but a taster that has led to the love of the rod.

Kawajima Tsuri Bori

rice fields around Tsuribori in Kawajima town
Tsuri Bori – the pink building – surrounded by rice fields

Surrounded by rice fields in the rural town of Kawajima, Tsuri Bori is an ideal fishing spot for first timers. Especially for children. They are not fish for consumption. If you want to catch a fish for eating, there is a great spot in Yorii town for that.

The System

Kawajima Tsuribori

There is a vending machine inside the main entrance to the building in Kawajima Tsuri Bori. You choose which package you want and it dispenses a ticket which you give to the clerk. You also need to purchase fish bait. It costs 200 yen. However, if you have a Saitama Mama and Papa’s card you can receive one bowl of bait for free.

Fishing with kids
5 year old baits her rod

After paying, they give you the rods and a bucket and off you go! The staff are particularly helpful. The vast majority of the (excellent) reviews all over the web also mention the kindness of the staff. If you have never baited a rod before they will give you a hand, but honestly its very straight forward. You just hook the small round feed onto the end of the rod.

fishing tanks at Kawajima Tsuri bori

You can catch and release or you can bring home some of the fish you catch. The number depends on the package you paid for. They give you the fish in a plastic bag of water, so you will need to have a fish tank at home or be prepared to buy one. You can buy at Tsuri Bori or in a nearby Cainz home. Both also sell fish feed.

Fishing with kids in Saitama Kawajima Tsuri Bori
Package CostNumber of fish you can bring home
1 hour900 yenTwo (you can catch as many as you like /can,
of which you choose two to bring home)
Two hours1700 yenUp to four fish
Half day2200 yenUp to five fish
All day3000 yenUp to ten fish
Half hour
400 yenOne fish
  • On weekdays they have discounts for people with special needs and for seniors

Fishing with kids

Kawajima Tsuri Bori underwent some changes a few years ago to increase the suitability of the premises to children. Some of the merits for fishing with kids outlined below:

Indoor and outdoor areas

Outdoor area

Tsuri Bori has both an outdoor and indoor area. The outdoor area is commonly in use by regulars most of whom are adults who enjoy fishing as a past time. The indoor area is reserved for first timers and / or children with families.

Fishing with kids Kawajima town Saitama Japan

The indoor area is actually a large garden pool; I’m pretty sure the ones they sell in Costco! The water in the pool has been made fish friendly and is maintained to be a suitable environment for the fish. There are dozens of small fish in the pool that are relatively easy for children to catch.

When you catch them you can put them in the bucket that was provided. When your time is up, the kids get to pick which fish they want to release and which ones they want to keep as pets. Kids typically catch between six and twelve fish in an hour.

Kids Playroom

There is a kids play room in the owner’s house adjoined to the indoor area of the fishing center. It is upstairs. It is quite a small area with only two things to play with, but it is clean and ideal for a toddler. There are also some books in the area. Anpanman and character books.

Other Amenities

  • Small rest area with
    • Food dispensing vending machine
    • Free coffee (make yourself from stick coffee and hot pot)
    • Magazines you can read
  • You can purchase fishing tackle
  • Toilets
  • Help yourself to a free small snack on leaving (usually umaibo)
  • Parking
    • Space for about 6 cars directly out front
    • Car park across the road for around 20 cars
  • Drink vending machines out front
  • Smoking area out front

My kids really love Tsuribori and judging by all the rave reviews online at sites such as Google Maps and Ikoyo, it would seem it is a very popular spot for fishing with children period. It is not cheap, but for what you get it is not expensive either. If you were to buy fish in a pet shop it would cost you similar, but without the fun of fishing for them yourself !

Kawajima Tsuri Bori Information

Winter hours at Kawajima Tsuribori fishing with kids in Saitama
Address:730 Igusa, Kawajima, Hiki District, Saitama 350-0158
Hours:From November to March
Weekdays ~ 11 am to 7 pm, last entry 5 pm
Weekends ~ 9 am to 7 pm, last entry 5 pm
From April to October the center is open until 8 pm
Budget:from 900 yen – costs detailed above. Free parking.
Online:Official website.

In the area:

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  1. i understand why it might not ‘be your thing’. I dont understand why you would catch something you werent going to consume. It seems, i hate to say it, a little cruel.. i can only imagine its traumatic for the fish. but strangely my clients told me last week they want to go fishing sometime.

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