Ranzan lavender festival

Each year in June, Ranzan town host a lavender festival at Sennen no Sono lavender field. Sennen no Sono was, for one year in 2019, the largest lavender field in all of Japan! They may have downsized it, but with 22,000 lavender over 6.5 hectares it is still a formidable display. Below is the concise information for the 2024 Ranzan Lavender Festival. If you want more details, opinion and photos, see this account of my 2019 visit to the festival. The photos in this post are from my 2022 visit, unless stated otherwise.

Ranzan Lavender Festival 2024

Map of Sennen no Sono and the Ranzan Lavender Festival
Festival area map (2019). Click to enlarge.

The 2024 lavender festival is scheduled to start on Friday June 7th and end on Sunday June 23rd 2024. Please note that you can not access the lavender fields outside of the festival period. But there is an area right beside it, where there are currently poppies in bloom, that has some early blooming lavender. The poppies are expected to be in bloom for about another week; maybe shorter if the weather is too hot.

Rest and food area at the Ranzan Lavender Festival

It is not a particularly large festival, but the lavender flowers really are worth seeing. During the period of the festival there is an eating area with somewhere to sit, a selection of food trucks and some festival booths too. The latter mainly sell local produce in my experience. One of the popular items at this festival is the lavender flavored ice-cream! This year they will also have lavender smoothies, soda and jelly!

Lavender in Ranzan

In the past, they also had a ‘live stage’, but there have been no live performances since the pandemic. However, they have confirmed they will have their usual flower arrangement workshop and lavender picking experience. Both cost 1000 yen per person. They don’t take bookings in advance, you need to inquire about it on the day at the reception area.

※This post is an event post, so short and sweet! But you can find a more detailed post here, with information about the history of Sennen no Sono and lots more photos (from 2019). That post also includes information on what else you can see in the area. I usually couple a trip to this lavender festival with a trip to a stunning hydrangea temple nearby.


Event: Ranzan Lavender Festival 嵐山ラベンダー祭り

Date: Friday June 7th to Sunday June 23rd 2024. As the lavender grows during rainy season, the festival is usually on even if its raining heavily. I have been there in heavy rain twice before! But please do always check the official website (below) for any last minute changes.

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Cost: entry to the fields / festival is 500 yen per person over 12 years old. You normally get a postcard, that smells of lavender, with your entry ticket. Picking lavender and the lavender arrangement workshop also cost 500 yen per person. This year they are also charging for children six years old or older – 200 yen per child. 1000 yen for lavender picking. 1000 yen for flower arrangement workshop.

Venue: Sennen no Sono, 2326 Kamagata, Ranzan, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0225. View on Google Maps.


The lavender fields are about an hour and a half from Tokyo by public transport. You can get a Tobu Tojo Line train from Ikebukuro to Musashi Ranzan station. From Musashi Ranzan station you can either take the long but pleasantly scenic 40 minute walk to the fields, or you can take a 20 minute bus ride. The bus stop is about a ten minute walk away.

The official free parking is at B&G indoor pool, about a 7 minute walk from the lavender fields. For people with an official disability car sticker you can park right by the festival area for free of charge. Since 2022, there is also a new Sennen no Sono parking lot nearer the fields, but there is a charge for that parking lot. It costs 500 yen per car. There is also charged parking at Ranzan Valley Barbecue area, which is right beside the fields.

Visiting Ranzan Lavender Festival Bicycle bike stand

They have bike stands for anyone who comes by bicycle. And there is a taxi stand near the entrance to the fields too.

Official website.

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily merged with “Thousands of Lavender in Ranzan, formerly Japan’s largest” during the pandemic. It was rewritten as an event post and republished on May 31st 2023. Last update May 10th 2024.

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