Sayama flowers and first tea festival

Sayama Flower and First Tea Festival in 2024 – To celebrate the Shincha Harvest, literally “new tea” or as we might say in English “first tea” of the season, Sayama has a popular tea and flower event every year, except during the pandemic. It has been confirmed for 2024. This year the Sayama flower and first tea festival will be on the first day of Golden Week, as it was annually before the pandemic…

Sayama Flowers and First Tea Festival

Sayama is very famous for green tea, probably the most famous area in the Kanto region (area around Tokyo). The roots of Sayama green tea are actually in Kawagoe. You can read more about that connection and green tea products in Kawagoe here (click highlighted text).  {External Site}

At the first tea festival they not only sell and sample green tea, but they also give interested parties the very rare chance to pick tea. Other events have also been organised for the day including music performances. There are food stalls and you can buy Sayamacha flavored chocolate too! They will also be selling vegetables. In addition, they have a popular lottery draw. They will be giving out flowers at two different times in the day too, something that is also very rare in Japan.


Event: Sayama Flowers and First Tea Festival 狭山新茶と花いっぱいまつり

Date: Public holiday Monday April 29th 2024

Time: from 9 am to 2 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Sayama City Hall, 1 Chome-23-5 Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama 350-1380. View on Google Maps.


Sayama City Hall is about a ten minute walk from Sayamashi station on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

Official event page for 2024

Other events on this April in Saitama Prefecture.

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