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Flystation Japan

The first ever flystation indoor skydiving center in Japan will open by the end of March 2017 in Koshigaya Saitama. Soon we will have the rare opportunity to experience flying without  jumping out of a plane! The center uses a vertical wind-tunnel for a skydiving simulation of falling at about 200 kilometers per hour. With winds of up to 360 kilometers per hour, surely it will feel as close to the real deal as possible indoors.

They provide all the necessary equipment such as suit and helmet and a trained instructor is in the room with you.  Children from four years of age are able to participate.  

If you would like to try skydiving for real, Saitama is also home to the Tokyo Skydiving Club. Located in Kawajima / Okegawa, the Honda Airport is a manageable daytrip from Tokyo.


Flystation Japan – The center is being built within walking distance of Musashino line Koshigaya Laketown station.  It is relatively close to the large Laketown Shopping mall. They expect to have parking for about 40 cars. They will be open 9 am to 11 pm seven days a week.


The prices are reasonable all considered. On weekdays one “flight” costs 4,500 yen and on weekends it costs 5000 yen. For children, its 300 yen cheaper. They have a birthday special too – 4300 yen on weekdays, 4800 yen on weekends.

Flystation Japan official English web page. The featured photo for this post is from the official website.

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