Ogano Kabuki Hydrangea Festival

Information for an Hydrangea Festival like no other, with “Hydrangea Kabuki” and free zarigani fishing, in beautiful Ogano town.

Ogano hydrangea forest where the festival takes place
“Hydrangea Forest” sign (the tall one written in blue and pink)

Earlier in the year we stumbled upon a quaint little flower area in Ogano Town, Chichibu. I noticed at the time that there was a sign post for an “hydrangea forest” as well as a poster for last year’s hydrangea festival. I duly made a mental note to a) visit again this summer and b) share information about the hydrangea festival. However, I haven’t been up that way yet this June, but I thankfully remembered – in the nick of time – to check the Ogano kabuki website for the hydrangea festival this year.

Ogano Hydrangea Festival with hydrangea kabuki!

The 18th annual Ogano Hydrangea Festival is on Sunday July 2nd from 10 am. The festival was one of the few festivals that was on every year during the pandemic. However, it was on a reduced scale. Furthermore, they didn’t have the popular zarigani (crayfish) event for children. But this year, 2023, it is back.

Moreover, there will be two kabuki performances. Ogano is famous for its kabuki. The Ogano Kabuki troupe participate in many events in Ogano throughout the year. This year the performance will be Tsuyagi Children’s Kabuki. The Tsuyagi Children’s Kabuki is normally on at the Otengusama Festival on May 3rd, but as it that festival was cancelled this year, they will have it on Sunday instead.

In addition, there is also traditional music and other performances including folk dance.

Zarigani / Crayfish Pond

Ogano hydrangea park zarigani crayfish pond
Part of one of the crayfish ponds, in spring!

Another thing I noticed in April is a few different “zarigani ike” or crayfish ponds. Reportedly, there is a zarigani ‘competition’ during the hydrangea festival. There is no charge for children to participate.


Event: Ogano Hydrangea Festival 小鹿野町第18回あじさい祭り

Date: Sunday July 2nd 2023

Time: from 10 am to 4 pm. Tsuyagi Kabuki at 11 am and 1 pm.

Cost: free

Venue: Ogano Hydrangea Park 小鹿野紫陽花公園 which isn’t on Google maps, but the zarigani ponds are! Zarigani Ponds, 1226 Shimoogano, Ogano, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0101. View on Google Maps.


There is some parking near the park, by a nice playground at Shimoogano Ground (baseball / multipurpose pitch). The 7-11 on route 299 is a good landmark, the ground is behind that and the car park to the West of the ground. There is also an English school “Sunshine House” which is another good landmark.

Official event page:

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