Illumination Fresa Yoshimi

Fresa Yoshimi Illumination – Tentative information for 2021.

This event did not go ahead in 2020 on account of the Coronavirus.

Fresa Yoshimi Illumination

The illumination in Fresa Yoshimi is a particularly child friendly winter lights display. It is also one of the longest running – it started in 2003. It is on annually from December 1st to 24th. The official hours are 5 to 9 pm, but it is usually turned on as early as 4 pm. They use 200,000 lights in the display.

Christmas decorations and illumination fresa yoshimi

Fresa Yoshimi

Fresa Yoshimi is the town’s community hall. It has an observation tower, a theatre, a cafe and a large hall. It often hosts music events. Fresa is beside the town’s library, the summer outdoor pool and one of the town’s parks; the Yoshimi town friendship athletic ground.The park has two small playgrounds. 

Illumination for kids

Child friendly night illumination fresa yoshimi 2

What makes this display particularly child friendly, and different to most other displays, is that it is made up of several mini displays that also serve as photo props. Moreover, they normally have displays with characters children know such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Anpanman. Last year they had a Pikachu display too. Furthermore, the displays are made out of recycled goods such as pet bottles.

The above Santa photo prop was sponsored by Natural Cafe Sora, an “Oyako” cafe in Yoshimi town. Oyako means parent and child and an oyako cafe or restaurant is a child friendly restaurant. Natural Cafe Sora is the most child friendly restaurant (that isn’t a play center restaurant) I personally know of. It has a swing, slide, bikes and push alongs for children to use outside and inside it has lots of toys for kids to play with. Furthermore, they have a lovely and healthy child’s menu. You can read more about Natural Cafe Sora in this article:

The event is usually advertised from early November. I will update next year, closer to the time. Please check back closer to the time and/or check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

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