Ooi Matsuri Fujimino

The Ooi Matsuri is an annual summer festival of Fujimino City, except for the three years of the pandemic. It is on in the month of July, generally the weekend that the school summer holidays start. This year will be the 24th occurrence of the festival.

Ooi Matsuri

Ooi is a name of an area in Fujimino. Actually, the city of Fujimino as it is today, was created by merging the former Ooi and Kamifukuoka areas together. Hence each area still has their own festival annually. The festival in Kamifukuoka is a tanabata festival and it is on annually in August. Meanwhile, the festival in Ooi is a float festival with dance.

Ooi Matsuri (Matsuri is the Japanese for festival) is on Sunday July 21st 2024. It is on in the vicinities of Higashi Kubo Central park and Ooi Higashi Junior High School gymnasium. The festival starts from around noon and goes until 9pm. There are various stage performances as well as music, dance and a procession. There is also children’s dance and events for children. Generally, the city’s mascot makes an appearance too!

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Event: Ooi Matsuri おおい祭り

Date: Sunday 21st of July 2024

Time: from noon to 8.30 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee, bring some yennies to enjoy some festival food!

Venue: Higashi Kubo Central park and Ooi Higashi Junior High School gymnasium. Higashi Kubo Central Park, 1 Chome Fujimino, Saitama 356-0050. View on Google Maps.


The festival area in the park is about a ten minute walk from Fujimino Station west exit. The Junior High School is even closer. There is some official parking at the Higashi Ooi Junior High School ground, but the area gets very congested. They advise that you come by public transport where possible.

Official event page on the Fujimino City website

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily removed from the website during the pandemic as this festival was cancelled three years in a row. It was republished on July 9th 2023. Last update June 28th 2024.

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