Garden Cafe Greenrose ~ View the stunning roses and seasonal blooms (over a cup of tea and cake during the open garden period normally, but not during the pandemic)…

Garden Cafe Greenrose is a private garden that opens to the public for the rose season twice a year. Roses bloom in Saitama during the spring and autumn. The spring period is generally May and June and the autumn period is October and November. However, since 2021 they opened earlier than normal in spring, from mid April, as they have tulips in bloom. But in 2023, things are quite different due to the ill health of the owner. May she recover well. She posted on May 12th 2023 to say she would open on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th. She posted again on the 14th to say she will open on Saturdays and Sundays only for the next couple of weeks.

Garden Cafe Greenrose

Garden cafe greenrose Moroyama

2023 information

Spring 2023 dates: the opening date is much later this year, on April 13th (see opening paragraph). Moreover, this year they will only open on Saturdays and Sundays. She has not said until when yet. Please note that even though they are open, they may not be serving tea this year.

The System at Greenrose

Please note the system may have changed due to the pandemic.

After walking into the stunning garden a couple of meters on the left hand side you come across the cafe, blended beautifully into and practically concealed by the garden. The garden and the cafe exterior, with its creeping ivy like plants, are reminiscent of an English country garden and outhouse.

Garden Cafe Greenrose Moroyama

The cafe is also the reception area. In order to roam the garden freely you are required to purchase a drink or a cake set. At reception they give you a little card as a ticket and proof of payment which you hold onto until you are ready to order your beverage. So if you want to roam the garden first you can do so and then hand in the ticket to order. You also receive a postcard as a souvenir of your visit.

rose Garden cafe greenrose moroyama saitama

A drink costs 700 yen and the cake set – a small slice of cake and a drink – costs 1000 yen. You can choose from hot / cold tea or coffee or a soft drink and a selection of daily cakes. The tea and coffee are served in french press glass percolators. They give you a timer so you know when is best to press the leaves / beans.

rose Garden cafe greenrose moroyama saitama

There are about three or four choices of cake a day, but they only make a certain amount so if they run out of a cake they take it off the menu. I was glad to get in before the group of 14 who arrived after me! They serve the cake with a flower which you can take home.

The Cafe

garden cafe greenrose moroyama

The cafe is completely open front on one side – the side with a view of the garden. There is an overhead trellis along the front end, but even within the building you have a good view of the garden.

Garden furniture in Greenrose cafe Moroyama

You can also opt to sit in the garden. There are several table and chairs tucked into corners and gazebos in the garden.

Autumn flowers

There are several varieties of roses in the garden. Some of them are past their peak, some are peaking right now and a few have yet to come to prime. There are many different colours of rose, but mainly shades of pink or white.

There are more than just roses in the garden. I visited during the autumn rose period and there were several other flowers and plants in bloom.


There are also some Halloween and autumnal ornaments, such as pumpkins, in the cafe and the garden.

Throughout the year they have several garden ornaments and decorations to add to the overall appearance and ambiance.

Saitama Roses

There are three towns in Saitama that are famed for their roses. Ina Town is known as a rose town. Kawajima Town has the longest rose tunnel in Japan. Moroyama Town’s fame lies with its roses gardens, particularly Takinoiri which is also a seasonal open garden. In addition, there is a fourth location that is well known for its roses: Yono Park in Saitama City.

Saitama Rose Cafes

Other cafes in Saitama with rose gardens and / or open gardens:

Garden Cafe Greenrose Information

Address:1 Chome-45 Hirayama, Moroyama, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0466
Cost:700 yen to 1000 yen
Hours:11 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays ONLY during the rose seasons in May and October / November. ⚠In 2023 they are only open on Saturdays and Sundays⚠
Online:Official blog


Approximately eight minutes on foot from Tobu Ogose line’s Higashi Moro Station. On the same line, Bushu Karasawa station is also within walking distance, but it takes twice as long. Moro station on the Hachiko Line is about a 12 minute walk from the cafe too.

Beautiful open garden and cafe in Moroyama

By car, the nearest highway exits are the Tsurugashima interchange on the Ken-o expressway or the Sakado-nishi smart interchange (an ETC card is essential for a smart interchange) on the Kanetsu expressway. Both are about a 20 minute drive from the cafe. Free parking for about 15 cars.

Garden cafe greenrose moroyama rose garden cafe

As you walk / drive up the lane way you will see an old style entrance way in front. The parking is to the left of that and the garden to the right.

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