Yamazakura x tulips at Garden Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama
Garden and cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama places to eat outdoors in Higashimatsuyama
Garden cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama for somewhere to eat outdoors
Delicious and beautifully presented set lunch at Garden and Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama

Cafe Prunus

Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama
Inside Cafe Prunus
Children's area cafe prunus Higashimatsuyama

The Menu

Daily lunch at Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama
Lunch at Garden & Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama
Menu at Garden and Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama

Atelier Karen at Garden and Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama
The garden at cafe prunus in Higashimatsuyama
Outdoor cafe prunus higashimatsuyama
Outdoor seating with a view

Yamazakura x Tulips

Yamazakura x tulips at Garden Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama

In summation

Seating area in Garden Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama
Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama

If you find yourself on the stretch of route 407 in Higashimatsuyama beside Kumagaya it is definitely worth swinging by for a cup of coffee. Or indeed if you are visiting the Coedo brewery you can walk to the cafe. Also, the 100 caves of Yoshimi, Botanen or Shinrin Park also within commutable distance, but by car only. Even the Peony walk and Saitama children’s zoo are within manageable distance by car.

Events and classes at Cafe Prunus

Lunch and massage - perfect combo - Garden and Cafe Prunus Higashimatsuyama

Children as young as three can participate in the flower arranging classes in Atelier Karen. They are bi-monthly though and you have to pay a signing up fee. You can review the various classes here. The cafe hosts a number of events throughout the year. You can find current information on their website linked in the information section below.

Garden Cafe Higashimatsuyama Information

Cafe Prunus in Higashimatsuyama

Official Website


  1. This is close to my wife’s family. Definitely going to check this out. Thanks!

    1. Hi Bryan, glad to see your name again. Its been a while. A huge thanks again for the books you donated to the Syria cause. That was a really successful book auction thanks to you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying being back in Saitama.

      Lynda Hogan

  2. Ah, I didn’t put the two together. I’m glad the books were of good use. We visit my wife’s family in Ranzan every two years. Glad we can stay for a whole month this time. Your blog is coming to good use. We’ve already used a few of your recommendations to keep my son busy. So thanks to you 🙂

    1. I really must sort out my online profiles. For the longest time I blogged under my nickname, but now I use my real name. It confuses people, understandably, entirely my fault – but its a PITA to try and fix all my old profiles 🙂 So glad you are finding the blog useful. I really love Ranzan, such a beautiful part of Saitama. Enjoy your stay. We are heading home to Ireland for a month this weekend, can’t wait!

  3. Enjoy, we visited a few years ago, so beautiful. My wife and I constantly fight over where we would like to move to if work permitted. I’m Japan and she’s Ireland. Funny since it’s our opposite heritages.

    1. Lol, that is funny. Japan is a great place to raise kids, so I am with you there, but Ireland is a great place to drink!! 😀 I do miss the craic something terrible

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