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U place, written U_place, opened at the west side of Kawagoe during the pandemic. Each month they have an handmade market and other events at the mall – which is more a eating mall than a shopping mall! The next big event is the Kawagoe Bar Festa.1 …

Kawagoe Bar Festa at U Place

Often the events at U Place focus on the food or handmade goods of Kawagoe. But this time, they are shining some light on some of Kawagoe’s bars. Here’s your chance to get familiar with the names of some of the bars in Kawagoe! Fourteen different bars in Kawagoe will participate in this event, between noon and 7 pm on Sunday May 19th 2024. Apart from alcoholic beverages, they will also have a choice of non-alcoholic drinks as well as bar snacks. In addition, there are live performances at half past the hour every hour between noon and 7 pm (i.e. 12.30, 1.30, 2.30 etc and the last performance at 6.30 pm)

The events at U Place usually goes ahead even if its raining, because the event space is mostly under cover. Moreover, you can walk from Kawagoe station to the venue without getting wet, because the west exit of the station is directly connected to U_place deck by a pedestrian bridge which also has a roof. But do always check with the official website for any last minute changes. For Kawagoe Bar Festa they have already confirmed that the event will not go ahead if there is torrential rain.

Where to eat / drink in U_place?

There are a total of 27 places in Uplace. Fourteen of them are food / drink stores: cafes, restaurants or bars! There is a convenience store, a pharmacy and eight other services. And a hotel. There are also two public utilities in the facility: Kawagoe Citizen Service Station and Japan Pension Service office. You can find reviews for most of the cafes and restaurants on City-cost.com, I’ve selected a few below:


Event: Kawagoe Bar Festa.1

Date: Sunday May 19th 2024

Time: noon to 7 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee, bring some yennies to enjoy some drinks!

Venue: U_place Kawagoe, 〒350-1123 Saitama, Kawagoe, Wakitahoncho, 8−1. View on Google Maps.

Official event page

See what else is on in Kawagoe this May.

Annual events previously showcased here included the Gyoza Expo and Bread fes.

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