Golden Week 2024

I think you’ll find that this is the only guide to Golden Week 2024 in Saitama Prefecture, in English, online. So I took the liberty of calling it the best! But I’ve worked hard to bring you all the best events and things to see and do this Golden Week, so hopefully you’ll find it a useful guide at least. Because the official start of Golden Week starts on a Monday, I’ve added the previous Saturday and Sunday to this round up. Thus, this covers the period from Saturday April 27th to public holiday Monday May 6th 2024.

In this Golden Week Guide

  1. Golden Week 2024 dates
  2. Where to see Koinobori
  3. Water and river play
  4. Camping / barbecue
  5. Flowers in bloom
    • Flower festivals / events
  6. Strawberry picking
  7. Places that have a special GW freebie
  8. Events
    • Children & Family friendly events
    • Exhibitions & Displays
    • Food events
    • Festivals & Fireworks
    • Light up
    • Markets
    • Other

1. Golden Week 2024 dates

Golden Week every year is split into two. One day is at the end of April and then three days together from May 3rd to 5th. If one of the days falls on a Sunday another day will be given off in lieu. The 2024 Golden Week dates are:

2. Where to see Koinobori

10 places for koinobori in Saitama Prefecture

Koinobori are flown in honor of Children’s Day. They are usually displayed from around mid April until the end of Golden Week. Here is a choice of public places you can see Koinobori in Saitama Prefecture:

  1. Koshigaya
  2. Kawaguchi
  3. Shiraoka
  4. Kazo – on May 3rd only
  5. Sayama – May 3rd to 6th only
  6. Kawagoe
  7. Tsurugashima
  8. Shiki
  9. Yokoze
  10. Ogano

The featured photo at the top of this post is of Koinobori at Oshi Castle in a previous year.

3. Water Play

Artificial water play areas that are open during Golden week (weather permitting).

  1. Water play (Ageo)
  2. Kamihira Park (Ageo) water will be off on May 5th and 6th for an event.
  3. Shiroyama Park (Okegawa)
    • also has a great barbecue area
  4. Kitamoto Children’s Park (Kitamoto)
  5. Isanuma Park (Kawagoe)
  6. Gyoda Suijo Park (Gyoda) from May 1st
  7. Aobadai Park (Asaka) from the 29th
  8. Piala City (Misato)
  9. Kamiya Comprehensive Park (Konosu)
  10. Seseragi Park (Konosu)
  11. Wakaizumi Sports Park (Honjo)

Seibuen are also opening their wave pool during Golden Week. Hiratsuka Park and Matsubushi no Oka also have their water on for Golden Week only (and then again in the summer).

4. Barbecue and / or Camp

A selection of barbecue and campsites that are open during Golden week. A ⇗ in front of the location indicates that the information linked is an external website, most often the official website.

  1. Camp / BBQ Tougetsuen (Saitama City)
  2. Akiha no Mori barbecue (Saitama City)
  3. Barbecue (Kawagoe)
  4. Park barbecue (Koshigaya)
  5. Wako Jurin barbecue (Wako)
  6. Inariyama Park Barbecue Garden (Sayama)
  7. Kitamoto Camp field (Kitamoto)
  8. Kinomura Camp (Tokigawa)
  9. Ranzan Valley Barbecue (Ranzan)
  10. Fukurou no Mori barbecue (Ranzan)
  11. Barbecue (Gyoda)
  12. Barbecue / Camping (Yorii)
  13. Honjo Park barbecue (Honjo)
  14. Camping and cabins (Kamikawa)
  15. Camp and cabins (Minano)
  16. Cabins and camping (Nagatoro)

5. Flowers in bloom

Flowers in bloom during Golden Week. (Flower festivals are included in the next section; Events).

  1. Lupine flowers
  2. Strawberry Candle Flowers
  3. Wisteria
    • ★As of May 2nd the Kotsuhada wisteria is at about 70 to 80%, perfect timing for the second half of Golden week.
  4. Azalea
  5. Peonies -more in the event section
  6. Dogwood
  7. Moss phlox – will finish by end of first half of Golden Week (i.e. end of April) in several locations.
  8. California Poppies
  9. Early blooming Shirley Poppies
    • Ranzan – you can pick poppies for free in a section of these fields.
    • Kumagaya

Flower festivals

Ongoing flower festivals

  1. Toda: Ushijima wisteria open garden at Tokaen until May 5th
  2. Ogose: Godaison Azalea Festival until May 6th, all things equal.
  3. Higashimatsuyama: Botanen Peony Festival until May 6th, all things equal.
  4. Higashimatsuyama: Yakyu Inari Peony Festival until May 7th, all things equal.
  5. Higashimatsuyama: Flower Festival until May 8th.
  6. Hanyu: Daitenbaku Wisteria Festival until May 5th
  7. Chichibu: Shibazakura Festival until May 6th, all things equal

There is also an ongoing azalea festival in Yorii town:

By date

  1. Saitama City: ★Wisteria light up – April 27th
  2. Fukaya: The 21st annual Fukaya Flower and Open Garden Festa – April 27th & 28th
  3. Warabi: Warabi wisteria festival – April 27th & 28th
  4. Kazo: Kisai Wisteria Festival – April 27th to 29th and again from May 3rd to May 5th
  5. Kasukabe: Kasukabe wisteria festival – April 28th
  6. Kuki: Shobu Wisteria Festival – April 29th
  7. Kumagaya: Konan Wisteria Festival – April 29th
  8. Gyoda: Hanachozu week from May 1st to 14th

Its also “rose fair” season at Greenfinger cafe for the month of May. Book soon to secure a coveted place:

Also, the Ina Rose festival starts really early this year – on May 3rd, although for the first week they have nothing in particular on:

6. Strawberry picking

Last chance for strawberry picking! Several of the strawberry picking farms finish at the end of April and most of the remaining farms finish their season at the end of Golden Week. There are only a handful of farms that stay open past Golden Week. Here are places you can pick strawberries still during Golden Week:

  1. Konosu Genki Farm until the end of May.
  2. Moroyama Ichigo no Sato until the end of May.
  3. Sayama Berryland April 24th to 29th and May 3rd to May 5th. May 5th is the last day of the 2024 season.
  4. More than half on this list, of easy access strawberry farms, are open until at least the end of Golden Week
  5. Most of these farms are open until at least the end of April and some of them will stay open for all of Golden Week.
  6. A choice of picking farms in Northern Saitama and Chichibu that are open for at least some of Golden Week.

7. Places with GW freebies

There are certain places that offer free entry on one day during Golden Week. Here are some of the free offers on during Golden Week in 2024:

  1. Kawaguchi Green Center is free in for children under 12 years old on Children’s Day, May 5th.
  2. Free movie showings and free entry to for children at Skip City on children’s day.
  3. Ogawa Genki Plaza planetarium free in on children’s day, you need to ring in advance to secure a place.
  4. Kawaguchi Science Museum planetarium free in on May 3rd.
  5. Saitama Aquarium free in for children on children’s day.
  6. Sayama Planetarium free in for children on children’s day.
  7. Free entry into the observation tower at Kodai Hasu no Sato for children on May 5th.
  8. ⇗Free workshops for children at Honjo Waseda museum for all of Golden Week.

8. Events

A ⇗ in front of a location indicates that the information linked is an external website, most often the official website.

Children’s / Family Events

★A brand new branch of Kids US Land is opening on April 27th in Omiya:


Family and children’s events that are on every day (or almost every day) during Golden Week include:

  1. Chibi Maruko and Dinosaur Survival planetarium shows (Saitama City) until end of May.
  2. Yono pop up aquarium (Saitama City) until May 12th.
  3. Ultra Heroes Week (Saitama City)
  4. Demon Slayer Real Escape Game (Saitama City) until May 12th.
  5. Demon Slayer Real Escape Game (Kawaguchi) until May 12th.
  6. Dinosaur Land (Kawaguchi) April 27th to May 6th
  7. Lego Adventures (Fujimi) April 27th to May 12th.
  8. Kids Park (Hanno) until May 12th – with ★Night Cinema on May 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  9. Water fes (Tokorozawa) until September
  10. Demon Slayer Real Escape Game (Ageo) until May 12th.
  11. Railway Fair (Ageo) until May 7th.
  12. Koshigaya: ⇗Demon Slayer Real Escape Game until May 12th.
  13. Hanyu: ⇗Demon Slayer Real Escape Game until May 12th.
  14. Kazo: Festival Square and Monkey Show – April 27th – 29th, May 3rd to 6th
  15. Namegawa: Outdoor Park (Namegawa) – April 27th to 29th, May 3rd to 6th
  16. Saitama City: ⇗Eco and Family week April 29th to May 5th (closed on May 2nd).
  17. Higashimatsuyama: Mining experience May 3rd to 6th

Also, there is a boys’ festival in Iwatsuki (Saitama City) from April 28th to May 5th:

By Date

  1. Saitama City: ⇗Petting zoo and honey farm April 27th
  2. Saitama City: ⇗Babalab market April 27th
  3. Kawagoe: Free soccer event for young kids April 27th, advance registration required.
  4. Misato: ⇗Road train and shinkansen craft April 27th
  5. Ageo: Ageo Snow land April 27th and 28th
  6. Toda: ⇗Children’s market April 27th to 29th
  7. Asaka: ⇗Children’s market April 27th to 29th
  8. Kumagaya: ⇗Rabbit Petting Zoo – April 27th
  9. Kazo: Precure Show – April 28th
  10. Saitama City: ⇗Anpanman Show (Saitama City) – April 28th
  11. Kawagoe: Sylvania family character visiting Maruhiro – April 28th
  12. Niiza: ⇗Air / Bouncy playground April 28th
  13. Ogano: Horse riding experience April 28th
  14. Konosu: Bousai Bingo – April 29th
  15. Kazo: Anpanman Show – April 29th
  16. Kuki: Photo op with Mario and Princess Peach – April 29th
  17. Kawagoe: ‘Shirobai’ police motorbike experience April 29th
  18. Kawagoe: Igo Kids Festival May 3rd
  19. Ageo: ⇗Anpanman show May 3rd
  20. Konosu: ⇗Water Jet experience May 3rd
  21. Kawaguchi: ⇗Anpanman Show May 3rd
  22. Warabi: ⇗Anpanman Show May 3rd
  23. Saitama City: ⇗Sand Art May 3rd
  24. Kuki: ⇗Hot Wheels mini play area May 3rd and 5th
  25. Gyoda: Golden Week Campaign at Kodai Hasu no Sato May 3rd to 6th.
  26. Yorii: Museum of Rivers Golden Week festival from May 3rd to May 5th.
  27. Saitama City: ⇗Kids exciting work experience May 4th
  28. Ageo: ⇗Precure show May 4th
  29. Konosu: ⇗Windmill piggy bank workshop May 4th
  30. Sayama: Sheep shearing experience May 4th
  31. Kumagaya: ⇗Anpanman show May 4th
  32. Kazo: Pucchi spring event May 4th and 5th
  33. Saitama City: ⇗Jar Aquarium workshop May 5th
  34. Saitama City: ⇗Anpanman Show May 5th
  35. Kazo: Anpanman show – May 5th
  36. Kumagaya: ⇗Petting Zoo May 5th
  37. Saitama City: ⇗Ultraman event May 6th
  38. Ageo: ⇗Emergency vehicles exhibition May 6th

Even more

Exhibitions / Displays

  1. Colorful corridor display (Saitama City)
  2. Ai no Ai exhibition (Kawaguchi)
  3. Hiroshi Nagai exhibition (Kawagoe)
  4. Japan’s largest Umbrella Sky (Hanno) until July 7th.
  5. Tango no Sekku hanging decorations (Shiki) until May 13th
  6. Sayama City Botanical Encyclopedia Exhibition (Sayama) until May 12th
  7. Salvador Dali exhibition  (Tokorozawa)
  8. Kamen Rider exhibition (Tokorozawa)
  9. Tatsuo Takayama: The Universe in the Palm of a Hand (Tokorozawa)

Food / Drink

  1. Saitama City: Seasonal afternoon tea Daily
  2. Kawagoe: Cherry blossom afternoon Tea Daily
  3. Higashimatsuyama: ⇗Oyster Hut pop up until May 6th
  4. Saitama City: ⇗Kitchen Car Umaimon April 26th to 29th
  5. Koshigaya: ⇗Bread Fair April 26th to May 6th
  6. Saitama City: Bread fair at Saitama Stadium 2002 – April 27th to 29th
  7. Saitama City: ⇗Donburi No.1 – April 27th to 29th
  8. Ageo: ⇗Kushi Gyoza Fes – April 27th
  9. Kawagoe: Food truck fes – April 27th to 29th and again from May 3rd to 6th
  10. Kawagoe: Food Marche – April 27th, but it will be postponed until the 28th if there is bad weather on the 27th.
  11. Tokorozawa: Musashino Beer Fes – April 27th to 29th
  12. Kawaguchi: ⇗Kawaguchi gourmet, beer and nihonshu festival – April 27th & 28th
  13. Ogawa: ⇗Wine week 2024 – April 27th to 29th, May 3rd to 6th
  14. Kawagoe: Rooftop picnic – April 28th and 29th, advance registration open
  15. Higashimatsuyama: Sanrio food truck – May 2nd
  16. Tokorozawa: Burger fes May 3rd to 6th
  17. Sayama: Irumagawa Gourmet Fes – May 3rd to 6th

Even more food / drink festivals

Festivals & Fireworks

  1. Hanno: Mini fireworks – every day of Golden Week
  2. Kawaguchi: ⇗Minami Hatogaya Spring Festival – April 27th & 28th
  3. Kumagaya: Mini Fireworks – April 27th, 28th, May 3rd, 4th and 5th
  4. Fukaya: ⇗Sumo Fukaya venue eve festival – April 27th
  5. Soka: Children’s spring festival – April 28th
  6. Kumagaya: Sasara Festival – April 28th
  7. Sayama: Flowers and first tea festival – April 29th
  8. Kitamoto: Children and Green Festival – April 29th
  9. Koshigaya: Koinobori Festival April 29th
  10. Kawaguchi: Shibakawa Koinobori festival April 29th
  11. Kasukabe: ⇗Bronze Street Festival April 29th
  12. Iruma: 88 nights festival – May 1st
  13. Saitama City: The Grand Bonsai Festival May 3rd to 5th
  14. Kazo: Kazo Peace Festival and Jumbo Koinobori May 3rd
  15. Saitama City: International Friendship Fair May 3rd and 4th
  16. Kasukabe: Kasukabe Big Kite Festival May 3rd & 5th
  17. Hatoyama: Green Village May 4th and 5th
  18. Shiki: Koinobori Boat Ride May 5th
  19. Saitama City: ⇗Northern Heart Kitamachi Spring Festival May 5th & 6th
  20. Ogano: Midori no Mura festival May 6th

Iwatsuki in Saitama City have an event everyday of Golden Week as part of a “Tango no Setsuku” (boys’ festival) festival:

There are also mini fireworks in Seibuen:

Light Up

  1. Hanno: Tove Jansson Park light up – April 27th to 29th, May 3rd to 6th
  2. Nagatoro: Green leaves light up from May 1st to mid June
  3. Gyoda: Oshi Castle light up May 4th
  4. Gyoda: Sakitama Shrine light up May 4th
  5. Gyoda: Hachiman Shrine light up May 4th


  1. Fujimino: ⇗Handmade Festa April 27th
  2. Kawagoe: Flea Market – April 27th to 29th, May 3rd to 6th
  3. Iruma: M&K&K market – April 28th
  4. Kawagoe: Antique Market – April 28th
  5. Kawagoe: Last Sunday Market – April 28th
  6. Kazo: Flea Market – April 28th and May 3rd to 6th
  7. Saitama City: ⇗Kita Yono Flea Market April 29th
  8. Saitama City: Kadomachi bonsai flea market May 3rd


Other events on this Golden Week in Saitama Prefecture:

  1. Saitama City: ⇗Rakuten’s World Tour III daily until May 12th.
  2. Harumode period (Kawagoe) daily
  3. The Bears School Jackie pop up store (Kawagoe) daily
  4. Asaka: ⇗Asaka Music Fes – April 27th
  5. Kamikawa: ⇗Koinobori from April 27th to May 7th
  6. Koshigaya: Lake Town Boat Park – April 28th
  7. Fukaya: April Sumo Tournament April 28th
  8. Saitama City: ⇗Clam fishing and BBQ experience April 29th
  9. Saitama City: ⇗Smile Mama Exciting Golden Week Festival! April 29th
  10. Tokorozawa: Sarumawashi traditional monkey performance May 3rd to 6th
  11. Chichibu: ⇗Anohana stamp rally until May 19th

There are also lots of smaller, local events on. If you live in the Sakado area and have a stargazer, you won’t want to miss this play center festival when the founder of Ohira technologies gives a talk every year. Have a great Golden Week wherever you end up!

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