Green Tea Ceremony Saitama

Green Tea Ceremony Saitama at the National Women Education’s Center of Japan – November 7th 2019.

Green Tea Ceremony Saitama

Youtube video of a monitor tour I took with other Hiki District Ambassadors in November of 2019. Featured first on the video is the Green Tea Ceremony we had the privilege of taking part in as part of the tour. In the tea houses of the National Women’s Education Center of Japan:

The National Women’s Education Center of Japan

The National Women’s Education Center of Japan is located in Ranzan town on the border of Ogawa town in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. The center is used for several functions and events, particularly those that require an overnight stay. They are well equipped for and used to hosting large groups from both overseas and within Japan who use the facilities for conferences, meetings and even retreats. There are several facilities and amenities within the center. They have a full English website which you can view here (click).

Tea House

On the grounds of NWEC there is an ancient green tea house, which is currently preserved for historical reasons and not in actual use. If you want to participate in the green tea ceremony you do so in the neighboring purpose built tea room, modeled on a famous tea room in Kyoto.

Green Tea Ceremony

Green tea ceremony Saitama

The ceremony was conducted by a famous and highly ranked green tea artisan Souki Miyamoto from the Urasenke school of tea ceremony and her apprentice (pictured). They passionately and patiently taught us all about the tea ceremony and guided us on the correct movements and mannerisms to be part of the tea ceremony ourselves.

In the tea room a beautiful scroll hung. Miyamoto sensei chooses the scroll each day. She had chosen a Japanese Zen Buddhist proverb;

Nichinichi Kore Kojitsu

It can also be read as Nichinichi kore konichi. She did explain the difference between the two, but in Japanese and the intricacy was lost on me unfortunately. In English it can be translated as;

Every day is a good day


Try to spend every day meaningfully

I personally interpret it as the latter.

Other places featured in the video:


Green tea ceremony at the National Women Education’s Center of Japan. Green tea ceremony direct inquiries to: 0081-493-626-723.

Address: 728 Sugaya, Ranzan, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0221

Phone: 0493-62-6711 (Green tea ceremony: 0081-493-626-723.)

Official website Japanese

Official website English

Special thanks to the Kawagoe Hiki Regional Promotion Center, Tobu Top Tours Co. Ltd, the National Women’s Education Center of Japan, NPO Shimozato School, Matsuoka Brewing Co. Ltd and all the Hikijin Ambassadors. Hikijin Ambassadors official Youtube.

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