Gyoiko Sakura Kawagoe

The Somei Yoshino variety have well and truly finished, but right now some of my favourites are in bloom. Its no secret that yaezakura are my favourite cherry blossom variety, but I also really adore the Gyoiko (Gyoikou ギョイコウ). They are a really special, magical, cherry blossom that changes color over the period of their bloom. Eventually they end up turning a lime green so are often called green cherry blossoms in English. They are distinguishable by the pink in the center of the flower and the olive leaves that sprout with a cluster.

Gyoiko Sakura in Kawagoe

Gyoiko sakura distinguishable by the pink in the center
They are distinguishable by the pink in the center of the blossom

‘Green sakura’ are quite elusive in Saitama Prefecture. There are a few places that have one or two trees, but I’ve yet to find somewhere with a grove of them. But I love that there is a place relatively near me with these unique blossoms. This park also has several different varieties of cherry blossoms that bloom after the somei yoshino and just before the yaezakura. There is also a yaezakura in the park too. But if you want to see a large display of yaezakura, Kawagoe park is the place to go. It is one of the most famous places for the late blooming variety in the Kanto plain. They have already started to bloom.

Gyoiko or Gyoikou sakura cherry blossoms in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
The Gyoikou cherry blossoms start out with white petals
Green sakura known as Gyoikou cherry blossoms in Kawagoe
Eventually the petals turn lime green and you can see the olive leaves with a cluster

At this park, they only have two Gyoiko. One is further along than the other, so one still has white petals, while the other (above) has already got the lime color petals. In the same park there are a couple of the America variety of cherry blossoms. They are actually finishing up now though. But I really loved this bunch growing on the trunk bark:

American Cherry Blossoms in Kawagoe

All photos taken today, April 7th, in Kawagoe. All are unedited. Three more sleeps until my kids go back to school and I can start sharing more detailed content again! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for daily content! And I post photos of Saitama Prefecture almost daily on stories on Instagram here.


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