Saitama Halloween Events with kids

A round up of all the Halloween Events, for kids, in Saitama Prefecture in 2023. Most of the Halloween events are back in 2023, but there are still a few that remain cancelled. Such as, the annual Kisai Halloween event. Kazo City have confirmed that they will not be having that popular Halloween event this year, for the fourth year in a row. Below is the round up of events, below that you will also find a list of places with Halloween photo spots.

Halloween Events 2023


⇗Indicates the event is linked to an external website, generally the official website.

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DateHalloween Events, linked to further informationLocation
DailyHalloween candy scoopKazo
DailyHalloween Drawing ParadiseKuki
6th to 8thGreen Center Night GardenKawaguchi
6th to 31stStellar Town HalloweenSaitama City
7thSaitama Children’s Zoo Halloween Craft WorkshopHigashimatsuyama
7th⇗Ageo Aeon Mall Halloween workshopAgeo
7th to 9thHalloween Night ZooMiyashiro
8thAeon Lake Town Halloween Craft WorkshopKoshigaya
9thHalloween Craft WorkshopKawaguchi
9thHalloween Craft WorkshopKuki

MID OCTOBER Halloween Events in Saitama Prefecture

OctoberHalloween Events, linked to further informationLocation
13th – 20thReds Halloween Candy rallySaitama City
14thHalloween Decorations Workshop Kuki Shobu ParkKuki
15thAeon Lake Town Halloween Craft WorkshopKoshigaya
20th – 22ndHalloween Night in the ForestNamegawa
21stMisato Halloween FesMisato
21stFrespo HalloweenYashio
21st – 22ndKitaen HalloweenKawaguchi
21st – 22ndMuseum of Rivers HalloweenYorii
21st – 22ndCocoon City Halloween Craft WorkshopsSaitama City
21st – 22ndHigashi Omiya Halloween WeekSaitama City
21st – 22ndHalloween Costume ParadeSaitama City
22ndHalloween Bon OdoriSaitama City
22ndSatte Happy HalloweenSatte
22ndHalloween ParadeYashio
22ndAeon Lake Town Halloween Craft WorkshopKoshigaya
22ndGo Go HalloweenHonjo
22ndHalloween PartyYoshimi


DateEvent, linked to more informationLocation
27th to 29thHalloween Night in the ForestNamegawa
27th – 29thKumagaya HalloweenKumagaya
21st – 29thTrick or Treat at a barbecue areaWako
28thHalloween Costume ParadeSaitama City
28thHalloween Cinema Night (with candles)Saitama City
28thCostume Contest (& Sky Lanterns)Kawajima
28thChildren’s Center Halloween FestivalKonosu
28thElumi Halloween craft workshopsKonosu
28thHappy Halloween Kawagoe *advance applicationKawagoe
28thKids Market with Halloween ParadeKawagoe
28thToda Halloween FestivalToda
28th – 29thMuseum of Rivers HalloweenYorii
28th – 29thHalloween Costume Parade *Advance registrationSaitama City
28th – 29th Northern Heart Kitamachi Happy HalloweenSaitama City
28th – 29thSakura Town Halloween Kids FesTokorozawa
28th – 29thOkabe Michi no Eki Fukaya HalloweenFukaya
28th – 29thFukaya Hanazono Kids Halloween Stamp RallyFukaya
28th – 29thMy Home Festa HalloweenFukaya
28th – 29thHalloween Night ZooMiyashiro
29thHalloween plus FireworksSaitama City
29thAeon Lake Town Halloween Craft WorkshopKoshigaya
29thLala Garden Halloween ParadeKasukabe
29thBoat Race Toda Halloween FestaToda
29thEverybody Halloween!Miyashiro
29thHalloween Night ParadeMiyashiro
29thCostume Contest *advance applicationKuki
29thHalloween Fes with Hot Air Balloon ridesShiki
29thHappy HalloweenHigashimatsuyama
29thMagical HalloweenFukaya
31stHappy Halloween in KamitodaToda

Halloween Photo Spots 2023

A lot of the locations that claim to have a daily halloween ‘event’, actually just have Halloween photo props that you can use freely. However, occasionally you will find an attraction that actually does have a proper event. Such as, Musashi no Mura Family Land on the Green that has a Halloween candy scoop event daily in the month of October.

Some of the places that have Halloween photo props for the month of October include:

  1. Musashi no Mura (Kazo)
  2. Saitama Children’s Zoo (Higashimatsuyama)
  3. Heuvel Cafe (Higashimatsuyama)
  4. Peony Walk (Higashimatsuyama)
  5. Cocoon City (Saitama City)
  6. Ario (Ageo)
  7. ⇗Tomioka Kominkan (Tokorozawa)
  8. Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlets (Fukaya)
  9. Lalaport Shinmisato (Misato)
  10. Kawaguchi Green Center (Kawaguchi)

There are plenty more, but these are ones I’ve been able to confirm personally! You can generally find Halloween photo spots in malls. If I get a chance, I will add some more.

Kennys Village (camping grounds) in Hanno also run Halloween events every year. Unfortunately, Seibu Yuuenchi seems to have dropped their annual Halloween event. And as I mentioned above, Kisai Halloween is not in 2023. In addition, as far as I know, Warabi Halloween World, Iruma Halloween Contest, Kitamoto Halloween, Higashimatsuyama Halloween Walk and Omiya Halloween have not been on since the pandemic began.

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  1. its something else how Japan has taken to Halloween, isnt it? It was always a huge focus in english class when I taught there

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