Halloween decorations in the Children's Castle at Saitama Children's Zoo

When my children were smaller the Saitama Children’s Zoo was a fun place to bring them during the Halloween period as the zoo put up usually put up lots of Halloween decorations. Particularly in the Children’s Castle, which would transform to a Halloween Castle during the month of October! They had several Halloween events on, including pumpkin carving and pumpkin feasts for some of the animals.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Halloween has been greatly downsized (downgraded really) in 2022. At least they are marking it this year though, as it was a non event in both 2020 and 2021. For a long time, when my own children were small, this was one of only a few Halloween events in Saitama Prefecture. Due to that, I have shared the Halloween information for the zoo annually on the blog since 2010. So while it isn’t a large event, I guess I have a kind of loyalty to it! I was certainly grateful that they marked the occasion when few other places did. So I have added it again this year, for those with little ones who’d be happy with any sort of Halloween, even if it is not that elaborate.

*A version of this post used to appear on the ‘event calendar’, which was removed from the blog in 2021.

Halloween at the Zoo in 2022

The Halloween period at Saitama Children’s Zoo in 2022 is from Saturday October 1st to Sunday October 30th. They will have Halloween decorations outside the Halloween Castle during this period. Unfortunately, it would seem the inside of the castle will not be transformed to a Halloween castle in 2022.

The only other thing they really have planned is a badge making event. Unfortunately, although they had initially planned to have a few other crafting events, they have already been cancelled. Including a pumpkin lantern workshop which was only cancelled recently.

Poster for the Halloween event at Saitama Children's zoo in 2022

Moreover, please note that the zoo still has a lot of restrictions on weekends. There is very little interaction opportunities at the zoo, due to you know what, on weekends. On weekdays you can still ride a pony or pet the animals. I am not sure about milking cows though. Also, please note that due to the pandemic, the maximum amount of people they let into the children’s castle at one time, is 150 people.


Date: from Saturday October 1st to Sunday October 30th

Cost: 300 yen for the Halloween badge event. There used to be a 100 yen entry charge into the children’s castle, but they actually got rid of that last summer (2021). Entry into the zoo is 700 yen per adult (the price increased almost 50% during the pandemic) and 200 yen per child.

Official event page

More general information about the zoo in English, including address and access.

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