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Hamley’s Santa – To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t think anywhere would have a Santa Claus meet and greet this year, so I haven’t really been looking for updates. But by pure luck, while perusing some news articles, I saw that he is scheduled to visit both the Yokohama and Fukuoka branches of Hamley’s this December, 2020. I couldn’t believe it. I know how hard it is to find a good Santa even in the best of years, but this year it will be particularly hard with so many places not planning a Santa on account of the Coronavirus. Of course, you visit at your own risk.

The only other place I know of with a confirmed Santa Claus visit this year is LaQua in Tokyo Dome City. Santa will visit there multiple times. Other than that the only other places I know of, are places where you need to stay overnight. For example, the real Santa visits the excellent Moose Family Camp Resort in Nasu Tochigi. And also in Tochigi; the all-year-round Santa campsite Santa Hills. Which has an amazing Santa house. We stayed in it last year, sneak a peek here! In Sunshine Aquarium you can see Santa in the aquarium, but at the moment they do not have a meet and greet organized.

Santa believe Hamley's Santa 2020

Hamley’s Toy Store Japan

Hamley’s Toy Store is celebrating two years in Japan. They have several Christmas events on in the Yokohama branch as well as the Fukuoka branch. Santa Claus will visit both of these Hamley’s as part of the celebration. At the moment, they have just given the dates. They have said that more information on how you can meet him will be released on the website at a later date. I can only check sporadically, so please keep an eye on the website for the most up-to-date information.

We’ve visited the Hamley’s Santa before, but in Ireland not Japan! If the Irish Hamley Santa is anything to go by it will be one of the better ones.

Yokohama World Porters

Santa Claus will visit Hamley’s Toy Store in the Yokohama World Porters on:

  • December 12th
  • December 13th
  • Saturday December 19th
  • Sunday December 20th
  • Saturday December 24th
  • Sunday December 25th

Each time he will be available at three different time slots. However, like the “how” of it all, they have not yet released what times that will be. (Last year it was 2 pm, 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm)

In 2019, he visited for 30 minutes each time. The tickets were distributed from 30 minutes before each session.  There was a limit to how many people could visit each time. And it was first come, first served. He met with kids in front of the Merry Go Round on the first floor.

Hamley’s Toy Store is a great place to bring kids. They have a large teddy bear Christmas tree. It has cafe and play room and is close to other child friendly locations and of course Minato Mirai amusement park. Nearby is the Red brick warehouse which has a Christmas Market. They also normally have a Santa which visits on weekdays, but it is unlikely in 2020.

Access Hamley’s Santa

Hamley’s Santa is the Yokohama World Porters building in Naka ward.  THe nearest stations are:

⊛ Bashimichi station on the Minatomirai line.

⊛ Minatomirai station also on the Minatomirai line.

⊛ Sakuragicho on the Blue Line and Negishi line.

Official website 

The only other place that currently has a confirmed Santa Claus is Sunshine City Aquarium. But that is not a meet and greet.

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