Hanasaki summer pools

The Hanasaki Summer Pools, aka water or aqua park, are as family and child friendly as the park they are in: Kazo Hanasaki Park. Hanasaki Aqua park is one of the three remaining prefectural pools. Unfortunately, the main Saitama Prefectural Pool in Ageo closed permanently in 2021. The pools in Hanasaki (Kazo) are not as large as the other two remaining pools in Kawagoe and Koshigaya. But they are colorful and fun for kids.

The pools were closed in 2020 on account of the pandemic. Like the other prefectural pools last year, they had planned to open in the summer of 2021. But a State of Emergency that summer resulted in them cancelling those plans days before they were set to open. They refunded all the money for people who had pre-purchased tickets. Because in 2021, for the first time, you had to pre-book and purchase tickets to enter the pools. In 2022, you also have to buy tickets in advance. More below.

Kazo Hanasaki Pool in 2022

Hanasaki Park Spring Festival

Hanasaki Park has lots of things for families to enjoy. You can read about all the facilities the park has to offer here. The two most popular attractions are the bikes (and pedal cars) and the pools. However, the pools only open during the summer holidays. They are all outdoor; its quite like what we call an aqua or water park in Europe.

Hanasaki Park Kazo bikes
Tandems at Hanasaki Park, Kazo

The pools at Kazo Hanasaki Park include;

  • A 150 meter wave pool, water depth 1.1 meters
  • A multi purpose pool with lanes, gradating from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters deep
  • Ripple pool with Japan’s widest artificial shore!
  • Slider pool – three different type of slides, including tubes
  • Toddler pool
  • Jacuzzi
Kazo Hanasaki summer outdoor pool

Hanasaki Summer Pools Opening Hours

In 2022, like 2021, you also have to buy tickets in advance. But this year you can purchase a ticket from any 7-11, last year you could only purchase them in Saitama Prefecture. In addition, you can also purchase them on 7-11 online. Tickets go on sale at 1 pm seven days ahead of the date. So for example, July 16th tickets will go on sale at 1 pm on July 9th.

The dates of the pools in 2022 are Saturday July 16th to Monday (bank holiday) July 18th and then daily from Saturday July 23rd to Sunday August 28th. The pools will be available between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. Like last year, the tickets will have a time on them – you cannot enter before the allocated time. That is, you can enter anytime after the time on your ticket. The entry times are 10 am, 11 am, noon and 1 pm. Last entry at 4 pm.

In a normal year: They have a number of events during the time the pools are open in a “normal” year. The regular events year on year – EXCEPT DURING THE PANDEMIC – include (please note these are not guaranteed)

  • Taiko Performance during the initial opening weekend
  • Hula dance show during the initial opening weekend
  • A water game for children in early August
  • Water game competitions for children around the middle of August
  • A dance show at some point during the second last weekend


730 yen per adult, 210 yen for children over 6 years old. Parking is also charged – see next section.

Hanasaki Water Park Access

Train: About a 15 minute walk from Tobu Isesaki Line Hanasaki Station

Car: Approximately 3 kilometers from Kazo Interchange of the ken-o expressway.
Parking: Free out of pool season, but once the pool opens it costs 840 yen for the day. Spaces for up to 1,200 cars. Between April and September the car park is open from 8 am to 6.30 pm. From October to March it closes at 5.30 pm.

Address: 1722 Mizubuka, Kazo, Saitama.

Tel: 0480-65-7155

Official web page (Japanese only)

More information in English:


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  1. i used to head to the pool regularly in summer in Iwate. Really an important place to go in the heat of Japanese Summers!

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