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The 51st annual Hanno festival will be bigger and better than ever for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Hanno City! The festival was on in 2022 too, but it was a festival lite. The “Hanno Festival” is Hanno City’s main festival and is held annually in November. The first day is a civic festival, with a series of colorful performances such as parades, stage events, Yosakoi festivals, and outdoor music festivals. On the second day, you can see local performing arts such as festival floats and mikoshi. The sight of 11 floats coming together is especially impressive and a highlight of the festival.

Hanno Festival 2023

The Hanno festival is on Saturday November 4th and Sunday November 5th 2023. Below is the schedule for a typical year for the Saturday and 2023 specific for the Sunday:

Hanno Festival Day 1 – Saturday

Day 1 of the Hanno Festival

The festival takes place around Hanno and Higashi Hanno station areas. On Saturday the majority of the activities such as parades, performances, mikoshi and festival floats take place on Central road and Ginza street.

Stage performances

The main stage on Saturday is usually by the west exit of the Higashi Hanno Station. Performances will run from 1 pm to 7 pm.  Performances include music , dance and talks. They normally also have performances from 2 to 3 pm outside of Takeda Mishin, just down from the main stage.


You can see yosakoi performances several times throughout the two day festival. There is usually Yosakoi performances on Ginza street at 12.10 to 12.30, 12.45 to 13.05 and again at 4.30 pm to 5 pm. There is also a Yosakoi parade from 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm on central street, starting at Nakamachi and ending at Higashimachi.


The children’s mikoshi also starts from Nakamachi crossroads, but will continue down as far as Takeda Mishin just before Higashi Hanno Station. When it is on it usually starts from 2 pm.

This is only a small sample of what is scheduled for Saturdays in a normal year. You can pick up detailed information for the festival at the tourism office in Hanno station.

Hanno Festival Fireworks

In a normal year, they launch the fireworks from 7 pm near the Children’s Library out by the Iruma river. You can see them from the festival area. While the fireworks are being launched the festival floats play taiko and other traditional music. The fireworks do not appear to be on in 2023.

Hanno Festival Day 2 – Sunday

Hanno festival schedule

The mikoshi and festival floats are paraded around town. There are shishimai and other traditional performances. In addition, there is a market from 10 am to 8.30 pm.

Festival floats

festival floats at Hanno festival

Day two of the Hanno Festival is the main day for the festival floats. They are normally pulled and perform their “float wars” from 4.30 pm to 8.40 pm around Central Street, Ginza and Higashi Ginza streets. However, in 2023, they will have the first float war at 12.05 to 12.20, the second at 3.10 to 3.30 and the third at 7.30 to 7.50 pm. Each time they are at a different location. The last one is at Hanno Station.


There are normally ibayashi performances in several locations between 11 am and 5 pm in the afternoon and between 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm in the evening. Ibayashi is a type of Noh performance with three seated performers in a festival float.

Wariiwa bridge light up

They generally light up the Wariiawa bridge from dusk until 10 pm at night for the two days of the festival.

Festival Access

The roads around the station are normally closed during the festival period, so it is recommended that you come by train. You can either use the JR Hachiko line and alight at Higashi Hanno station or the Seibu Chichibu line and alight at Hanno Station.

For more seasonal information and events in Saitama, please see the main event category.

Official event website. As of October 9th 2023 they have not yet updated it for 2023. They never did update the official website, but they eventually put the information on the Hanno Tourism website.

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