Hanyu Summer Festival

Information for the Hanyu Tennosama summer festival in July 2024.

Hanyu Tennosama Summer Festival

The Hanyu Tennosama summer festival has a history of almost 400 years. It is a designated cultural property of Hanyu City. It is celebrated annually in July, usually in the middle of the month. In 2024 it is on Saturday July 13th. There are also spiritual elements to the festival, which are mainly for locals, both the day before and the day after the main festival.

They parade eleven portable shrines “mikoshi” festival and two floats through the town. One of the portable shrines, the “Onna Tenno” is a larger than usual mikoshi shrine. Moreover, there is other entertainment on the day. Local performing art troupes will provide traditional entertainment such as shishimai and taiko performances. The festival is on from 1 pm to 9 pm during which time the street, on which the festival is held, is pedestrianized.

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Event: Hanyu Tennosama summer festival 羽生てんのうさま夏祭り

Date: Saturday July 13th 2024.

Time: 1 pm to 9 pm

Cost: free

Venue: Plaza street, 3-chōme-3 Chūō, Hanyu, Saitama 348-0058. View on Google Maps.


The festival is on close to Hanyu Station which is on the Tobu Isesaki and Chichibu Railway lines.

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Hanyu is the home of the Saitama Aquarium. The aquarium is in a Hanyu Riverside park where you can take a boat out on the lake in summer. It is a family friendly park with lots of playground equipment for children.

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily removed from the site during the pandemic as the event was cancelled between 2020 and 2022. Before the pandemic they often had yosakoi and other dance performances, but currently they are not mentioned for 2023. Republished on June 12th 2023. R1190705. Last update June 16th 2024.

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