Hasuda sunflowers

Beautiful sunflowers in Hasuda City.

Hasuda Sunflowers in 2023

Each year, “Himawari Ojiisan” (uncle sunflower) plants approximately 150,000 sunflowers at Lotus Farm in Hasuda City. They normally grow from around late July until early (possibly mid) August. In addition, they have a sunflower maze each year. You can check the condition on the Hasuda Sunflower Project Community group Facebook page. It is updated frequently, at this time of year, in my experience.

Update July 8th 2023: the farmer expects the sunflowers to start to bloom around July 25th this year. Update August 10th 2023: according to the Facebook page the sunflowers finished early this year, because – although still in bloom – they have been facing down for the last week.

Hasuda Sunflower Project

Hasuda Sunflower project is a community effort to increase the size and the appeal of Hasuda’s sunflower fields. In 2019, the last time there was widespread information for the sunflower fields, they planted four different types of sunflower. A whole 150,000 of them over 15,000 square meters. Making it one of the biggest sunflower fields in Saitama.

But in 2021 they went even bigger with 200,000 sunflowers. In addition, they added a fifth type of sunflower to the collection. The new type is “binsento”, I am assuming in English it is probably “Vincent” as in the famous Vincent Van Gough painting “sunflowers”? It was such a shame that the larger display could not be accessed by the public, due to the restrictions of a State of Emergency right when the sunflowers were in bloom.

At the moment, for 2023, I do not know whether there are four or five varieties this year. Regardless, the fields will look stunning in brilliant shades of yellow when the sunflowers grow. They will eventually add all this detail to the official website too. Right now, it just has a brief message to say they are growing the sunflowers. As aforementioned, they post updates to their Facebook page.

Hasuda Sunflowers Information

Please note, even in a “regular” year, during the blooming period the fields may not be open for viewing on a rainy or stormy day.

Season: tentative – from around July 25th to August 14th.

Address: Hasuda Nekin Sunflower field, 694 Negane, Hasuda, Saitama 349-0131. In Japanese, 〒349-0131 埼玉県蓮田市根金694, 蓮田根金ひまわり畑. Map below access information.

Phone: 09085090493

Hours: not specified.

Cost: This event is free.

Official website | Facebook page


By car: about a 15 minute drive from the Shiraoka Shobu exit of the Ken-o expressway. You can also access from a smart interchange at the Hasuda Service Area of the Tohoku expressway. Parking is available for 200 cars.

By public transport: There is a bus that goes close to the fields, from the east exit of Hasuda station on the Tohoku (Utsunomiya) line.

You can find even more sunflowers in Saitama here. For more seasonal events in Saitama, please see the events category.

For posterity: In both 2021 and 2020 they planted the sunflowers in the hope of opening to the public, but both times they had to cancel the festival due to the pandemic. However, the fields did actually open, last minute, in 2020 for a couple of weeks. They opened, without food stalls, in 2022.

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