Hasuda sunflower field

Unfortunately, even though the sunflower fields were scheduled to open in 2021, they have since decided not to open the fields to the public in 2021. They have quoted the increasing numbers of Coronavirus as the reason. Hopefully it is not setting a precedent for other sunflower fields.

The Hasuda Sunflower festival was also cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus. At the time, they posted a very lovely message to say that while they truly regret and are sad there can be no sunflower festival in 2020, that they were putting their energy into looking forward and “meeting us in 2021”. In the end they did actually open the sunflower fields to locals for a short period, but there was no festival. This year, 2021, it currently looks like they will not be opening the sunflower field to the public at all.

Hasuda Sunflower Project

Hasuda Sunflower project is a community effort to increase the size and the appeal of Hasuda’s sunflower fields. In 2019 they planted four different types of sunflower. A whole 150,000 of them over 15,000 square meters. Making it one of the biggest sunflower fields in Saitama. But for 2021 they went even bigger with 200,000 sunflowers. In addition, as promised in 2020, they added a fifth type of sunflower to the collection. 

The new type is “binsento”, I am assuming in English it is probably “Vincent” as in the famous Vincent Van Gough painting “sunflowers”? Unfortunately, even though they prepared the fields we will not get to enjoy them in 2021.

Even in a “regular” year, during the blooming period the fields may not be open to viewing on a rainy day. You can check the official Facebook page for up to date details. Please note, this Facebook page has not been updated yet for 2021. They have the most recent information on their website though.

This event is free.

Access Hasuda Sunflower Fields

By car: a 15 minute drive from the Shiraoka Shobu exit of the Ken-o expressway. You can also access from a smart interchange at the Hasuda Service Area of the Tohoku expressway. Parking is available for 200 cars when the fields are open to the public, which they will not be in 2021.

By public transport: There is a bus that goes close to the fields, from the east exit of Hasuda station on the Tohoku (Utsunomiya) line.

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