Delicious dessert at Hatsuneya Garden Cafe in Kawagoe

Off the beaten path Kawagoe – the stylish Hatsuneya Garden Cafe.

Hatsuneya Garden Cafe is a sophisticated café suited to a date, a coffee with friends or some tranquil and relaxing alone time. It is also ideal for a bit of respite while touring the ever bustling tourist town of Kawagoe. And during this “new life with Covid”, the outdoor seating on the stylish terrace is an additional benefit for extra peace of mind.

Hatsuneya Garden Stylish Cafe in Kawagoe

Hatsuneya Garden Cafe

One hundred and sixty odd year old Hatsuneya Garden is best known to locals as a wedding hall, but it has a cafe and restaurant also. Both the cafe and restaurant only opened in recent years. The restaurant and the gardens are off limit to the public when there is a wedding on, but the coffee shop is open six days a week (with a few exceptions). You are free to enjoy the garden when there is no wedding on, but be warned – that is barely ever! I have yet to see the acclaimed gardens as every time I have been they have been in use by a private party.

The café is located up a side alley, the entrance to which you could easily miss. What I like about most about this hidden gem off the main thoroughfare is that the surroundings are very tranquil. The cafe offers peace, serenity, comfort and chic. The menu is quite limited, but it is really only somewhere for a coffee and cake. They usually have about 3 or 4 desserts on offer. They only make a certain amount a day, so it is not uncommon for at least 1 choice to be sold out by early afternoon. The coffee is quite strong and most suited to regular coffee drinkers. They have tea and other beverages if coffee isn’t your thing.

Moreover, in these pandemic times, a major plus of this café is that it has an outdoor terrace. Its quite small, only seating around 10 people, but its comfortable with a nice ambiance. The views aren’t particularly great, looking out on to the alley, but its quiet. (2020: not sure if this is still true since the smoking ban came in, in April. Smokers are welcome on the terrace, so if you want a smoke free indulgence I recommend sitting in the comfy seats indoors.)

Hatsuneya cafe information

There is no wheelchair accessible entrance or toilets. The cafe is not ideal for children, but they don’t discourage them either. Find some child friendly locations in Kawagoe here: 10 Things to do in Kawagoe with kids.

Hatsuneya Garden Cafe, Kawagoe
Address:〒350-0062 Saitama, Kawagoe, Motomachi, 1 Chome−9−8. View on Google Maps.
Hours:11 am to 5 pm on weekdays and until 6 pm on weekends. Closed on Tuesdays.
Cost:Budget for around 1000 yen
Online:Official website


It is an approximate six minute walk to the main tourist area which is serviced by all the tourist buses. You can walk from the three stations of Kawagoe too – JR / Tobu Tojo Kawagoe Station, Seibu Honkawagoe station and Kawagoeshi station. It takes between 20 and 35 minutes on foot.

No parking available, but there are plenty of coin parking lots in Kawagoe. Although, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to find an empty space on a Saturday or Sunday!


  1. This looks like a fabulous place to dine. That dessert looks incredible!

  2. This cafe looks like a quiet place to visit. I can see why it is always busy with private parties. By the way, the dessert looks delicious.

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