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Heisei no Mori – or Heiseinomori – is a park in West Saitama in a town that has recently become better known, due to its exit on the Ken-o Expressway.  Kawajima town, also referred to as Kawashima town,  is beside the cities of Sakado, Kawagoe,  Higashimatsuyama and Okegawa. The park has started to make its mark and become more popular and famous due to its claim on having the longest rose tunnel in Japan. And it is one of Saitama’s rose flower viewing spots.

Saitama roses Japan's longest rose tunnel this way sign
“This way to Japan’s longest rose tunnel”

Japan’s longest rose tunnel

The rose tunnel is 330.5 metres long. 日本一長いバラのトンネル. Their annual park festivals are also becoming more known and popular in the last few years. The wading pool and river is often listed in summer travel magazines for kids, adding to it’s increasing popularity. The drive-thru Starbucks I pass on route, is an added attraction for me.  However, lack of public transport to the park and it’s distance from a train station ensures that the park is never too crowded.

During the coronavirus outbreak 2020

Is Heiseinomori park rose tunnel open during the Saitama State of Emergency / Coronavirus outbreak?

No, the rose tunnel is closed off to the public. You can see some of the roses from the outside, mostly from a distance, but all the car parks are closed so you can’t come by car. The park isn’t completely closed off though, so parts of it are accessible for people who come on foot. But the wading river and playground, like the rose tunnel, are off limits and can’t be used until at least June 1st. Heisei no mori rose tunnel 2020

Saitama Roses

Inamachi is most famous for roses in Saitama. There are several other places you can view roses in Saitama though, including the rose tunnel at Heiseinomori. Some Saitama rose locations that feature on this blog include: Yono Park roses, Greenfinger Cafe in Tsurugashima, Garden Cafe Greenrose in Moroyama, and Takinoiri Rose Garden.

Saitama Roses: Heiseinomori Park Rose Tunnel Gallery

Heiseinomori park has a large playground with combination equipment including, but not limited to, a long slide, climbing walls and nets, and smaller slides. There is also a sandpit, spring rides, a flying fox and a smaller combination unit for young children.  Beside the rose tunnel there is also a small playground for younger children. There is no shade in the large playground and limited shade in the small playground. However, they also have a particularly nice splash pool and wading river,the latter of which is shaded in many parts.The wading river starts running at the weekends first, during the month of May and eventually is available daily.

Playground gallery

There is no restaurant or shop on the premises, but there is a cafe at one exit of the park. The park also has a library and public hall beside it. There are 3 toilets in the park.  Parking is free.  The park holds three annual festivals. One on boys day, May 5th, one toward the end of May in celebration of the roses, and one on the 23rd of November.  Apart from the rose garden, there is a lotus pond and many flowers including the flower of Kawajima town, the Iris Ensata. The park is quite pretty throughout the seasons.  You will see artists and photographers alike capturing the beauty of the flowers in this park.  There are some sporting facilities in the park including a running track, soccer field and fishing.

Wading River and Paddling Pool Gallery

Children’s Festival at Heisei No Mori Park

There is a really great children’s festival every year on Children’s Day, May 5th, in Heisei No Mori Park. It has an unusual and extremely popular fish catching event where kids get into the pond and catch the fish with their hands. There are also other children focused events you can enjoy on the day. You can read detailed information about the festival here:

**Update 2019** They got rid of the Children’s Festival and replaced it with a spring festival that happens a week later in May:

There is also a Rose festival in May:

Saitama roses : rose festival at Japan’s longest rose tunnel:

During the rose festival they light up the rose tunnel at night:

They have light up in the winter too, in the form of night illumination:

By train and bus – Unfortunately, Heisei No Mori is a little difficult to get to by public transport. However, you can take a bus from the East exit of Tobu Tojo line Kawagoe station, bound for Konosu. 20 minute walk from 「川島農協前」(Kawajima Nokyou mae) bus stop.
By car – 5 minute drive from the Kawajima exit of the Ken-O expressway.

TEL: 049-297-5701

Official website

The Iris of Heisei no Mori

Originally posted as Autumn leaves at Heisei no mori park in November 2013. Completely revamped and republished in 2015 and updated annually since then.

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