Heritage Fireworks 2020

For the last two summers, due to the pandemic, there were very few firework displays in Japan. This year, 2022, more are planned, such as Kawagoe Fireworks. But they could be cancelled last minute. All of the fireworks that were scheduled in 2020 and 2021 were eventually cancelled. However, Hotel Heritage was the only place to have scheduled fireworks (there were a couple of surprise fireworks over the last two years) that were not cancelled since the pandemic began. In both 2020 and 2021 Hotel Heritage had several firework displays in August. Moreover, this year, 2022, they also had Golden Week fireworks.

Fireworks 2022 at Shinrin Koen Hotel Heritage

For 500 yen per person you can watch a small but pretty fireworks display from a viewing deck by the Hotel Heritage’s golf course. (Guests of the hotel are not charged).

Summer Fireworks 2022

In 2020, despite the pandemic, Hotel Heritage in Kumagaya was part of the Go To campaign. As part of the campaign they had a small firework displays on four different occasions. Furthermore, they were open to the general public, for a nominal fee. Moreover, they were the only scheduled fireworks in August 2020 in Saitama. (There was a “surprise fireworks” too).

In 2021, there was no Go-to campaign, but they had the fireworks display. Moreover, they were scheduled for every day from August 7th to August 14th. However, as it turned out it was very wet that week and the fireworks were only able to go ahead a few times. In 2022, the hotel are once again planning several firework displays, for nine nights in a row (weather permitting) in the month of August. They will be on nightly from Saturday August 6th to Sunday August 14th 2022.

Update July 2022 – even more dates added

Moreover, this year (2022), the hotel added additional dates to their firework schedule for July. They will now also have a firework display (weather permitting) on Sunday July 17th, Saturday July 23rd and Saturday July 30th. They also added an additional date for August – that will be on August 27th.

Fireworks Information

The address of this hotel is in Kumagaya, but it is called the Shinrin Koen Heritage Resort. It is right on the border of Namegawa and close to the excellent Shinrin Park. If you are visiting the park in summer, be sure to check out the summer flowers.

Trivia: The Emperor and Empress and other members of the Imperial family have stayed at this branch of the Heritage Resorts.


Golden Week 2022: The fireworks are scheduled, weather permitting, for May 3rd, May 4th and May 5th.

Summer 2022: July 17th, July 23rd and July 30th plus nightly from Saturday August 6th to Sunday August 14th 2022 and the final one on August 27th. (Weather permitting).


They will launch the fireworks at 8.15 pm for the Golden Week event. In summer they are planning for 8.35 pm. Please note, they are only a small display lasting about ten minutes.


It costs 500 yen per person car. In 2022, they seem to be charging by family / car for day trippers. There is no additional charge for guests of the hotel.


Hotel Buses go from Shinrin Koen Station and Kumagaya Station during the day, but unfortunately at night it is quite hard to get to the hotel by public transport. Guests can reserve a bus, but they don’t have the same service for day trippers coming to see the fireworks. You will need to come by car and pay the 500 yen charge which covers your entry into the fireworks too*. (*As of June 14th 2022, subject to change, please do check with the hotel for the latest charges / information). The hotel is about a twenty minute drive from the Higashimatsuyama Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway. Head North on route 250 and keep left for route 47.

Official event page for Golden week, and for summer here.


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