Higashimatsuyama Illumination Land of Dreams

The name of the seventh annual Higashimatsuyama illumination display has not yet been released. In fact, it hasn’t been advertised at all. But I drove by it the other night and the lights are on! It is not a particularly big display, but it is photogenic as it is made up of several photo spots. Furthermore, it is not just in one location, but a total of four parks around Higashimatsuyama. This post is about the main display by Higashimatsuyama Activity Center with a brief mention of the other three locations.

Higashimatsuyama Illumination ‘Land of Dreams’

Large heart at Higashimatsuyama illumination

The theme of the Higashimatsuyama is, for the second time, “Land of Dreams”. The main display is at the green space at Matsumotocho Ichome, where the five roads meet near Higashimatsuyama Activity Center 【東松山活動センター】. Which in turn is right beside SOLE children’s center, which features on this blog! The land and thus illumination size is relatively small, but what they lack in size they make up for in variation.

The small green area is packed with photo spots, which include an Anywhere Door (Doko demo door from Doraemon). But in this incidence the Anywhere Door leads to a small room, not just a stand alone door as you often see. There is also a tiny little play house, several mini benches and regular benches too. There are two spots that have glowing wings, so you can attempt an angel photo! They have luminous hearts, stars, angels and even dolphins! There are illuminated balls dotted throughout the park. In addition, there is a projection mapping area and there is laser lights on the ground around the statue in the center of the display. There are two tunnels of lights too.

Given that its not particularly big, its not somewhere I would recommend going out of your way to visit. But if Higashimatsuyama is convenient to you and / or you are going to be passing through or near the area, its a nice spot for some night shots. Especially with children. It reminds me of Yoshimi’s illumination, which also child friendly and has a lot of photo spots too.

Other illumination spots

Lights reflected in the water at Shimonuma Park Higashimatsuyama Illumination
  • Shimonuma Park, which is within walking distance of the main display. However, the illumination here is very small and, frankly, not very impressive.
  • Kaminuma Park, I have not seen myself, but it looks like from the photos that this is also a very basic display.
  • Sakurasaka park, which is near Peony Walk, has projection mapping.


Event: Higashimatsuyama Park’s Illumination “Land of Dreams, Season 2” 東松山市公園のイルミネーション『夢の国 season2』

Dates: November 23rd 2023 to February 14th 2024, all things equal, for the main one at Higashi matsuyama Activity Center that features in this post. The other three may not stat until December.

Hours: 4 pm to 10 pm.

Cost: free.

Venue: Matsumotocho Itchome Green Area 松本町一丁目緑地, 1 Chome-4695-4 Matsumotocho, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0014. View on Google Maps.


By public transport: about a ten minute walk from Higashimatsuyama Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

By car: The illumination at Matsumoto-cho green space has no parking, but you can park in the overflow car park of Higashimatsuyama Activity Center (View on Google Maps). It doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, but I confirmed with the front desk about the parking situation. They said officially you can use the stony parking lot not the tarmac one. But I don’t think they are that strict. The lady also told me that there is someone in the activity center until 10 pm and they lock up all car parks at that time.

Official website. It took me forever to find the official website because I was looking in the wrong place. There is no information on the Higashimatsuyama City website nor on the Higashimatsuyama Tourism website. But I eventually found it linked on the Higashimatsuyama arts and community development foundation Facebook page.

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