Hilltop farm

Strawberry and Blueberry picking at Hilltop farm and cafe, Namegawa Town, Saitama Prefecture.

Aptly named “hilltop” rustic charm farm cafe with bric-à-brac and antique shop with great views of Namegawa. Strawberry and blueberry picking in season.

Hilltop Farm

Hilltop farm and cafe with strawberry picking yatsunosato

Hilltop farm is part of Yatsu no Sato, a community agriculture park with a great selection of farming experiences including strawberry and blueberry picking for individuals, groups and or families, in Namegawa.

The Hilltop farm, which has been around for more than 30 years, offers seasonal blueberry and strawberry picking. But it also has a quirky odds and ends shop and a very popular rustic cafe. The farm is tucked beneath the edge of a forest on the top of a hill in rural Namegawa, not too far from Shinrin Park.

Hilltop Cafe at Blueberry farm

Hilltop farm cafe Namegawa

Hilltop cafe is in a beautiful natural wood cottage partly perched on the hill, partly overhanging the sloped woods below. The cottage affords great views of Namegawa town below and the lush forest behind. It is beside the blueberry farm and fields.

Inside the Hilltop Farm cafe in Yatsunosato in Namegawa

When the weather is suitable they open all the windows for an open air feel. You can sit outdoors too if you prefer with a view of the blueberry farm. They do have air conditioning too for hot and humid days like today. In the winter they have a wood stove for both heat and ambiance.

hilltop farm resident cat

Currently (September 2019), there are lots of acorns on the driveway of the blueberry farm, which entertained my four year old greatly. As did the resident cat. But there is nothing specifically for children in the cafe itself.


Cake set at Hilltop cafe
Cake set: Blueberry scones and hot coffee

The cafe offers drinks, cakes and lunches. They have about seven different seasonal desserts that you can get on their own as part of a drink set. Naturally as it is a strawberry and blueberry farm cafe, berries feature a lot on the dessert menu! The lunch menu includes steak, pasta, stew and curry. Drinks include hot or cold coffee and tea, orange juice or oolong tea.

Hilltop Cottage

Hilltop farm antique and bric a brac shop Hilltop cottage

Hilltop cottage is a bric-a-brac, brocante and antique shop. Apart from antiques and knick-knacks it also sells clothes and accessories. They have seasonal antique fairs at the blueberry farm too.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is from January 2nd 2024, weather and other conditions permitting. This is one of the few farms that opens daily during the season (many farms close on Mondays). However, there maybe times when they take a day off here and there due to the condition of the strawberries, so they strongly recommend you ring in advance. They are open from 10 am and 3 pm. Normally, you can pick until around Golden week, sometimes until the end of May. But of course it is dependent on a lot of things.

The strawberry picking is done differently to the blueberry picking. It is a all-you-can-eat system done by 30 minute slots. You can also just purchase strawberries without picking them. The strawberry picking greenhouses are located a short walk from the cafe and blueberry picking farm. They are part of Yatsu no Sato community farm. There is a separate parking lot by the strawberry greenhouses.

Yatsu no Sato strawberry picking Hilltop farm Namegawa

Strawberry Picking Costs

From January until April 9th it costs 2200 yen for adults and 1800 yen for children for 30 minutes of eating while picking. If you want to bring strawberries home it costs extra. From April 10th to 28th picking costs 2000 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children. After April 28th (until the picking season is over) it costs 1200 yen for adults and 800 yen for children to pick.

Official website for the strawberry farm.

Blueberry Picking Saitama

Blueberry Picking

Sayama Berryland is one of the largest strawberry and blueberry picking farms in Saitama. However, there are several other farms throughout Saitama. For morning blueberry picking I recommend the Hilltop Farm in Namegawa. The blueberry fields are large, with about 500 bushes, and pesticide free, and picking is reasonably priced.

blueberry picking hilltop farm june saitama rainy season summer in saitama

Blueberry season is generally from early June to early September. However, in 2023, they aren’t opening the blueberry farm until July 1st. The blueberry picking farm is right beside the cafe and bric a brac shop. Booking in advance is recommended. The phone number and prices are in the information table below.

Blueberry picking costs

The base cost for both adults and children is 300 yen each. After that you pay 100 yen per 100 grams of blueberries. Unlike the strawberry picking, this is not an all-you-can-eat on site system and you can take the blueberries home with you. They request that you do not take a big bag with you. If you do, they do spot checks on the way out. I would speculate that they were shamefully ripped off before. 🙁

Hilltop farm and cottage Information

Address:2134-2 Fukuda, Namegawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0803
Phone:Both the Cafe and farm ~ 0493-56-5240
Hilltop cottage (antiques, bric-a-brac) ~ 080-6547-0488
Hours:Cafe ~ 11 am to 3 pm Wednesday to Monday, closed Tuesdays and the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.
Picking ~ 8.30 am to 4 pm during the season, except Tuesdays and the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.
Cost:Cafe ~ drinks start from 400 yen, lunch costs about 1,200 yen
Picking ~ 300 yen entry fee and 100 yen per 100 grams picked
Online:Official website


The nearest interchange is the Ranzan Ogawa interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway. It is about a 14 minute drive to the cafe from the expressway exit.

Hilltop farm

There are two areas to park. One is past the shop and cafe in front of the blueberry farm. The other is opposite the entrance to Yatsu no Sato. You can, in a pinch, also park at Yatsu no Sato. All are free.

There is no public transport nearby. However, from Shinrin koen station on the Tobu Tojo line you can get a bus bound for Shinrin Park and alight at either Kannonmae bus stop on 173 or Shinrin Park’s Nishiguchi bus stop. It is about a 20 minute walk from both of those bus stops.


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