Hina Staircase Atago Shrine Iwatsuki ward Saitama City

For six days only, during the larger Iwatsuki Dolls Festival, Atago Shrine has a beautiful display of Hina Dolls on the stairs that lead to the shrine.

Atago Shrine Hina Staircase Display in 2023

Atago Shrine Hina Staircase

In 2023, the remaining dates for the hina on the shrine’s staircase are tomorrow March 4th and Sunday March 5th. However, the Iwatsuki Dolls Festival continues at other sites until March 12th. The dolls were also displayed on public holiday February 23rd and the weekend of the 25th of February.

Hina Staircase Atago Shrine for the dolls festival

Pre-pandemic the shrine also had live entertainment on the select dates of the Hina Staircase display. But unfortunately in 2023 there doesn’t seem to be any live entertainment. This year they have one festival stall on the precincts of the shrine and one food van by the main road where you turn into the shrine. This morning, the shrine was quite busy and we had to wait in turn to get a photo. Presumably, it will be even busier over the weekend.

Kawazuzakura Atago Shrine

The Atago shrine is located at the top of the stairs. You can use another staircase on the side of the mount to get to and from the shrine while the dolls are displayed! There are two kawazuzakura on the grounds of the shrine. They are nearing full bloom.


Event: Atago Shrine Hina Staircase Display

(Remaining) Dates: Saturday March 4th and Sunday the 5th, 2023. Please note, if it rains the dolls will be taken down.

Time: not specified.

Cost: free, but its customary to offer a donation at the shrine.

Venue: Atago Shrine, 3 Chome-21-25 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama, 339-0057. View on Google Maps.


Iwatsuki Station on the Tobu Urban Park line is just a five minute walk from the shrine. Please note, that there is no parking available at the shrine for the six days of the hina staircase display. There are several coin parking lots within walking distance of the shrine.

There is no official website, but they have a page on Saitama’s directory of shrines.


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