Handmade bakery Nicori Kawagoe

Homemade bakery Nicori Kawagoe is a small, but popular take-out bakery in ‘local’ Kawagoe; outside the tourist area. It is only open a couple of years (since 2018), but is well established in the neighborhood. It attracts custom from out of town too. Whenever we visit I have seen reg (license) plates for various cities, even from Gunma prefecture once!

Homemade Bakery Nicori Kawagoe

bread at kawagoe bakery

The shop is only about a four tatami sized room with only half of it used for displaying the goods. They use the space well though and they have a good choice of bread. It is baked fresh on the premises, so they replenish it frequently. They often have samples out so you can try the bread first.

kids bread at nicori bakery kawagoe

They have some bread that will appeal to young children too, such as character bread or in cute shapes with decoration. Their shopping bags are also cute. However, they are now charged due to the new plastic bag tax in Japan. But I saw on their Instagram that they have cloth reusable shopping bags with the same icon on them too.

Whenever we have visited Nicori Bakery Kawagoe there has always been other customers. And sometimes its absolutely buzzing. I find the staff are well able to deal with crowds efficiently and the service is excellent. The staff are very friendly yet professional and pleasant.

Handmade bakery Kawagoe Nicori

It is take out only, but there is a small area outdoors with a few tables and chairs. It is under a tarp for shade and protection from the elements. And there is a tap for washing your hands. There is complimentary water and coffee machine by the cash register too. You can help yourself to the drinks and bring them out to the table with you.

Right now, September 2020, there are Autumn sunflowers in bloom a short drive from the bakery. At the Isa Marsh East Bank community flower garden.

Nicori Bakery Information

Address:3 Chome-8-8-5 Senbamachi, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0034
Hours:10 am to 6.30 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.
Closed on Mondays except when its a bank holiday and they close on a Tuesday instead.
Cost:Reasonable, around 300 yen
Online:Instagram account


Homemade Bakery Nicori is located relatively near Kawagoe station, but away from the tourist district. You can walk from the station, it takes about 20 minutes.

There is parking for about 8 cars. It is quite a tight fit but manageable. There is also parking for bicycles.

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