Horo festival Kawagoe – a religious celebration and unique cultural event. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus the event didn’t go ahead in both 2020 and 2021.

With the blog changes in September 2021 the map and details for this event got wiped, I’ll replace them in time for the 2022 event. 🙂

Horo Festival

This colourful, only in Japan, festival is on at Furuoya Hachiman Shrine in the Furuya area of Kawagoe. Moreover, the Horo Festival is a Prefecture designated cultural intangible folk property.

The festival starts at 1 pm with performances. Around 2 pm the Horo arrives. The Horo is paper flowers that are displayed on 36 bamboo frames. A volunteer carries them as in the photo below. From 3 pm the Horo parades from the shrine.

Image from Yell Kawagoe, which unfortunately stopped publishing in 2015. It was a great website for Kawagoe Local Information. Take a look at the page linked though for some wonderful photos from the festival taken in 2011.

Horo Festival
From Kawagoe Yell, click to be redirected

Horo Festival Information

The shrine does not have an official website. However, the official Kawagoe city website has information which is updated annually.  Or queries to: 049-222-5556. The festival is on in the outskirts of Kawagoe. The location is near the Arakawa River, which separates it from Nishi ward. If you are coming by car it is closer to the rural area of Nishi ward than downtown Kawagoe. The two nearest train stations are Minami Furuya and Sashiogi on the Saikyo and Kawagoe Line.

Things to do in Kawagoe

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