Hotel Tokinosumika, Gotemba, Shizuoka

Hotel Tokinosumika of the Tokinosumika Resort

Written July 30, 2012, briefly updated August 2016

View of Mt. Fuji from our hotel room
View of Mt. Fuji from our hotel room

Our first visit to Hotel Tokinosumika with kids was May 2012. At the time my son was 2 and my daughter 15 months old. The room was ideal for them. It was a 10 tatami room with built in bunk beds, AND a Western type area of the room with two semi double beds, toilet, bathroom and sink. Futons are provided, which you take out at night to sleep on. It had a beautiful view of Mount Fuji from a bay window with two seats built in. The room was air conditioned.

The rooms are very reasonable (please see the link to the hotel below for up-to-date rates) and are charged per person. You can opt to have dinner included or not. You can use the hot spring in the hotel for free and for a reduced rate you can gain access to any of the other hot springs on the resort. You also get a reduced price for a lot of the attractions in the Tokinosumika resort, for example the impressive Big Bang Playground and Art Museum.

From the Hotel Tokinosumika's website, URL below
From the Hotel Tokinosumika’s website, URL below

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The two down sides to the accommodation; there was a very faint smell of smoke in the room, but my sense of smell was heightened with pregnancy and DH couldn’t actually smell it all. The room wasn’t particularly sound proof and until about midnight we could hear a group of young lads having a great time. We were awake ourselves and that sort of sound doesn’t disturb our children when they are asleep so it didn’t particularly bother us. Added in 2016: On our last visit in summer 2016 we noted how much the hotel has aged and suffered from wear and tear in the last 4 years. The bathroom and toilet had some mold and dust. The place is in need of a lick of paint.

If you choose to have breakfast included it is buffet style in a large breakfast hall. Its not the best buffet I’ve ever been to, but its not the worst either. They also have dinner available, but with the choice of restaurants available within the resort you might prefer to venture out. The restaurants in the hotel have high chairs for babies and toddlers. Accommodation and breakfast is free for toddlers and they will provide you with toddler plates and cutlery to use. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE TOKINOSUMIKA RESORT IN ENGLISH CLICK HERE.

Up-to-date room charges and more information (in Japanese) on the Official website of Tokinosumika (linked).

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    1. Thank you for your comment. 🙂 The Tokinosumika resort itself (restaurants, onsens etc) is a great place to view Mt. Fuji. On our last trip we stayed in another type of lodging. We couldn’t see Fuji from our room, but we could see it from the courtyard. I love being able to see Mt. Fuji so close. 🙂

      1. Ow, i can imagine that might be a wonderful experience; got a closer view of Mt. Fuji. And it would be so much better if i could climb it. 😀

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