Ice-cream expo 2023

Each year during Golden Week there is an ice-cream fair at Aeon Lake Town in Koshigaya. In recent years these type of food fairs have become really popular in Saitama Prefecture, but they usually call them “expo”! So I think the official name for this event in English is Ice-cream expo. In Japanese it is called アイスクリーム博覧会 ‘Aisu kuriimu Hakurankai’. Aisu kuriimu is the Japanese for Ice cream! Hakurankai means exposition or fair.

Ice-cream Fair / Expo

It is a very popular ice-cream fair done in a similar style to their equally popular Chukaman (Chinese Steamed Bun) food fair held in winter. (Until last year the Chukaman fair was on in January, but this year it was on for eleven days in February ending on Valentine’s Day). Moreover, it is the largest ice-cream fair of its kind in all of Japan.

There are more than 100 types of ice-cream (&/or dishes) on sale, including the world’s number one gelato from Italy! You can also enjoy watching Turkish chewy ice-cream being stretched. And there is a great choice of try ice-cream from all over Japan. Moreover, there is some really unusual ice-cream on sale. For example, Bonsai ice-cream from Taiwan, spaghetti ice-cream from Germany and an American stall with all sorts of ice-cream combinations! There are so many choices that they call it an ice-cream museum! The area is actually relatively small, but the choice is great (and the queues are long)!

>>How about some strawberries after your ice-cream!? Senbiki strawberry picking greenhouse is nearby (information in English linked).<<


Event: Ice-cream Expo or as I call it, Ice-cream Fair! In Japanese: アイスクリーム博覧会2023

Dates: Saturday April 29th to Tuesday May 9th 2023. (May 9th is national ice-cream day in Japan!)

Time: 11 am to 6 pm. (until 5 pm on the last day, Tuesday May 9th).

Cost: no charge to enter the food festival area, the ice-cream prices vary greatly!

Venue: Fountain area “噴水広場 特設会場” on the 1st floor of Mori Mall, Koshigaya Laketown. View on Google Maps.


The mall is located close to JR Koshigaya Laketown Station. Where possible, they advise you to come by public transport because the area can be very congested with traffic. There is parking at the mall, charged by the hour.

Organizer’s website: the featured photo was taken from this website.

Event information on Koshigaya Laketown.

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