Houkou Ichijiku (Japanese fig) farm in Kawajima Town at Tobainuma Natural Park

Tobainuma Natural park is a small rural area in Kawajima Town. The Tobainuma Natural Park has an Ichijiku farm and a fishing park. Both very rural, so nothing fancy and limited services. Ichijiku is a type of Japanese fig. Kawajima Town is the largest producer of Ichijiku in Saitama Prefecture.

Houkou Ichijiku Farm

Houkou Ichijiku (Japanese fig) farm in Kawajima Town at Tobainuma Natural Park

Houkou Ichijiku farm sells ichijiku from the end of August to November. And in November they have a two day picking event. They also have a popular fishing park! The farm isn’t that big, but it large enough for an Ichijuku farm.

There is a little park beside it, the Tobainuma Natural Park, and you can cross over a picturesque bridge on a pond to an open space. There are some seats in the open space. There is also a little shrine on a mound in the park area.

In spring this area has some beautiful cherry blossoms. And between February and April the embankment behind the park is golden with rapeseed flowers. If you walk up on the embankment the sight of dozens of rice fields on the other side is quite beautiful. And if you walk down into those fields and turn left (rice fields on your right) past the fields and then turn right, scenery atypical of Japan greets you;

Fig Picking in Saitama

Fig picking in kawajima Saitama

The farm only sells the ichijiku for most of the season, but for two days only they have a picking event annually. It is on the second weekend in November every year. (However, in 2020, there maybe a chance the event can’t go ahead on account of the Coronavirus). The website has no information on how much the picking event costs, but a tray of figs costs 500 yen.

Fishing pond

The farm is in a rural area with little in the immediate vicinity. However, the farm also has a large fishing pond. And there is another fishing pond next door too! They don’t rent out equipment so you need to bring your own rods. But it is a lot cheaper than the places where you can rent rods. There is no restaurant or eatery at the farm so they allow people bring in their own food.

Address:Tobai Shinden, Kawajima, Hiki District, Saitama 350-0112
Hours:Ichijiku Farm: 10 am to 5 pm, end of August to November.
Fishing: 6 am to 5 pm.
Cost:Tray of figs: 500 yen.
Fishing: 800 yen for an adult for a full day, 500 yen for a half day. 300 yen for a child for an adult, 200 yen for a half day.
Online:Official website

Things to do nearby

There are a few points of interest a short drive away. Such as the Bokuranote Dog Cafe and a thatched roof temple. There is also a small park, Heisei no Mori, that is actually home to Japan’s longest rose tunnel. And the Autumn roses are in bloom for much of the time that the Ichijiku are in season and on sale in the shop. If you are visiting the shop at the end of September or early October, there is a picturesque red spider lily spot nearby (by car). The Arakawa Tarouemon nature reserve and Honda Airport are also close by car.


  1. I’ll see you there next Spring! My list is getting very long thanks to you! xo

    1. Author

      That would be wonderful 😍 The embankment goes all the way to Honda airplane and beyond and there is an amazing off the beaten path rapeseed spot… let me know, I’ll show you around 😊

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