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Ikaho Green Farm, tourist farm with a famous sheepdog show. Animals at the farm include sheep, cows, horses, dogs, goats and rabbits.

Ikaho Green farm has a very good reputation and most people who go to it give it a good review. However, while I liked it and we really enjoyed ourselves, I found it to be more expensive than most farms in the Kita-Kanto (Northern area of Greater Tokyo).  But, the Sheepdog show is included in the price and that is something that you can’t see in many places. Plus, there are opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the animals that roam freely or are within arms reach. Moreover, the farm is very well maintained and is quite beautiful with rolling green fields. It is suitable to children of all ages. All things considered, it is a really fun family day out!

Ikaho Green farm

yaezakura gunma

What can you do at Green Farm?

  • View a sheepdog and sheep shearing show, the largest of its kind in Japan.
  • Pet corner – costs 500 yen per person to spend sometime petting or holding rabbits.
  • Rabbit walking – 500 yen per person.
  • Walk with sheep and goats – costs 500 yen per person for 15 minutes.
  • Milk the cows – costs 500 yen per person for one try.
  • Feed the calves – costs 500 yen per person for one bottle of feed.
  • Amusement park – 30 different activities and rides, each cost between 100 and 500 yen.
  • Ride on a horse drawn carriage – 800 yen for adults and students, 500 yen for preschoolers and below.
  • You can rent a space in the BBQ area
  • Visit a museum
  • Strawberry picking in season
  • Camp
  • Eat at one of their restaurants!

**Please check their website for up-to-date schedules and costs.


This farm is a great place for doing hanami with kids at the end of April and even early May. We visited on the 1st of May and there were still some late blooming cherry blossoms, yaezakura. The cherry blossoms at this farm are particularly beautiful. And I just loved the image of a horse and cart under a large, mature, fully bloomed cherry blossom!

Sheepdog show

Ikaho’s claim to fame is that their sheepdog show is the largest of its kind in Japan. The sheepdog and sheep shearing show is toward the back of the farm and there is a camping site beside it (that needs to be booked in advance).  It was an interesting experience. The farmer is from New Zealand so he speaks in English quite a bit through the show.

Amusement Park

The amusement park in the farm has rides that are most suited to small children. There are also festival games, such as a shooting gallery. They also have a few mini trains that go around a track. There is a battery car area too. Please note, that like with the events, almost everything costs extra.

Ikaho Bokujo with kids

It is quite hilly, but you can easily navigate between sections with a stroller. They have nappy changing and nursing room facilities for babies as well as child friendly toilets. There are places you can buy food and souvenirs. The kids plate costs 750 yen, a Sundae costs 520 yen. You are allowed bring your own food into the farm.

Ikaho Green Farm Halloween

Ikaho Green Farm is one of the few places in that area of Gunma that mark Halloween. They have Halloween decorations out for the lead up to Halloween and they run some special events such as Pumpkin Carving. Children under 7 who come in costume during the period (usually mid-September to October 31st) can enter the park for free.

General Information 2016


(2015 prices) 1200 yen for adults, 600 yen for children over 3, free for 2 and under. As per above, each ride and event costs extra money. **Between early January and the end of February entrance fee is half the price. Physically disabled and people over 65 are also half price (all year round).

Opening hours

9am to 4pm. In the winter it opens at 10am. In January and February it is closed Monday through Thursday.


Roughly 2 hours from Tokyo and 90 minutes from Saitama. 8 kilometres from the Shibukawa Ikaho Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway. Free parking for up to 700 cars. 19 minute bus ride from Shibukawa Station, bus bound for Ikaho Hotsprings ”伊香保温泉”

Address: 2844-1 Kanai, Shibukawa, Gunma Prefecture 377-0027
Telephone: 0279-24-5335

For up-to-date costs, event schedules and opening hours please do check the official URL.

URL (English): https://www.greenbokujo.co.jp/english/


    1. Hi Andy, …and even my rural bumpkins loved it too, but it is a bit of a money spinner. Its the only place of its kind (that I’ve been to) that you need to pay for pretty much everything other than the fresh air you breathe!! But it was fun. :-p

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