The Otaki Ice festival, illuminated Misotsuchi Icicles in 2022 – One of the most famous, and beautiful, winter scenes of Saitama is at the Otaki Ice Festival. Located in the former Otaki village (now part of Chichibu city) in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The Misotsuchi Icicles are the only naturally formed icicles of the three Great icicles of Chichibu.  They light the icicles of Misotsuchi up at night. Each year for about a month you can enjoy this spectacular view in Chichibu, the mountainous area of Western Saitama.

The Otaki Ice Festival was one of only a few January events that went ahead in 2021 despite the Coronavirus and a State of Emergency. And they have confirmed they are planning to open the icicles to the public again in 2022. However, please note, between 2019 and 2021 weather patterns have significantly impacted the formation of the icicles. At this moment in time, the icicles are set to start on Friday January 7th 2022, weather permitting.

Misotsuchi Icicles

Misotsuchi Icicles

The Misotsuchi icicles form completely naturally. The main display are neither altered nor aided by human hands. The icicles form from spring water bubbling from the rocks aided by the winter environment of the Okuchichibu region. The icicles are ten meters tall and thirty meters wide! They look spectacular when lit up at night, particularly with the lights reflected in the water. They use four different colors to represent the four seasons of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.

You can view the icicles from either the North side or South side of the Arakawa (Ara River). On the North side, which is more popular because of the convenience, the entrance is by the Woodroof campsite. Moreover, the icicles can be seen from the car park of Woodroof campsite for anyone who is unable to take the craggy, icy walk down to the riverside.

On the south side the entrance (and parking) is at the Tsuchiuchi Camping grounds. It is further and harder to get to. However, Tsuchiuchi campsite have even more icicles – man-made, but equally impressive. They are 25 meters high and 55 meters wide. (You can see them from Woodroof too). Also, Tsuchiuchi serve hot food and drinks during the period of the Otaki ice festival. Please note that neither campsite take over night guests at that time of the year (season is from April to October). 

In 2020 the icicles were late forming due to the milder weather. They never really formed properly so there was no entry fee. And for the same reasons they did not support the icicles during the week and only opened the icicles to visitors on the weekends. However, the weather conditions were initally better in 2021. However, the milder than normal winter melted the icicles much earlier than normal. Thus, the event abruptly ended earlier than expected.


Misotsuchi Icicles – The date for viewing the 2022 icicles is tentatively set for Friday January 7th to public holiday February 23rd Sunday February 27th. They announced an extension of the opening period mid February, due to the good condition of the icicles and popular demand. During the period the area is accessible from 8.30 am to 5 pm daily. From January 15th to February 20th hours they extend the hours for the light up. Generally, on the last two Saturdays of January they also have a market during the day.

Misotsuchi Icicles Light up – from January 15th to February 20th the icicles are lit up from 5 pm to 7 pm on weekdays. On Saturdays and public holidays you can normally see the illumination until 9 pm. However, in 2022 (as in 2021) the light up finishes at 8 pm.

From the Chichibu Tourism page

Cost – The entrance fee in 2022 is the same as previous years – 200 yen for adults or high school aged children. There is no charge for younger children.

The Misotsuchi icicles are one of the three icicles locations in Saitama. The other two are Ashigakubo and Onouchi.

Misotsuchi Icicles Access

The icicles are the 47 kilometers from the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. The parking costs are generally 500 yen per car, 200 yen for a bike and 1000 yen for a bus. The Tsuchiuchi Camping Ground open their car park to the public during the period of the icicles. The camp ground itself closes for the season and will open around the end of March or early April. 

From Chichibu Tetsudo Chichibu Main Line Mitsumineguchi station take a Seibu Kanko bus headed to Lake Chichibu 「秩父湖」 . The “Misotsuchi” bus stop is the closest bus stop to the icicles. It is on the North side of the river. 

Misotsuchi Icicles access from Tokyo:
Take a limited express train from Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu station, from there its about a 3 minute walk to Chichibu railway Mitsumineguchi station from where you get the bus.

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In the area:

The famous Mitsumine Shrine, the stunning Toryu bridge, Oboragawatsuri Foot Bridge, Chichibu Lake and Futase Dam.

Other icicles that are illuminated in the area:

Ashigakubo Icicles | YOKOZE

Onouchi Hyakkei

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The information was up to date and accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publishing. Please do check with the website for any last minute changes or cancellations due to weather or other mitigating circumstances. 

First published in November 2016. Updated annually. Last republish: October 5th 2021, last update December 29th 2021.

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