In Saitama YouTube Videos

This year I’ve been using my YouTube account a bit more than normal. Demand dictates necessity! So I have added some videos of Saitama Prefecture to the account. I have quite a lot of video content that I have never shared online anywhere before. But I am still mulling over the best way to approach my YouTube account. I’ve had it since 2010, but I use it mainly for saving home videos privately! Every now and then I will upload a Saitama video, but up until recently I didn’t have a great interest or motivation to post a lot of videos. Unfortunately, due to Google’s most recent updates to their Search Engine Result Pages, many of us small publishers have little choice, but to incorporate vLogs into our social media pack to try and survive! To that end…!

In Saitama YouTube Videos

Sharing the three most recent videos I uploaded on YouTube recently.


What YouTube call ‘shorts’ – videos that are less than one minute in length…

The lanterns at Aobaen

The permanent Teamlab outdoor exhibition

Long Video

The only ‘long’ old style video (i.e. not a short) is from Le Jairdin Secret last week. Their rose garden is open until June 5th…

I hope to add more in the coming days, weeks and months. If it goes well and / or there is an interest, I might make a cross post, like this one, a regular feature. You can follow us on YouTube at anytime here.

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