Indoor Play / Fun Centers Saitama – A list of 65 privately run Indoor Play / Fun Centers (excluding Jidokan community play centers) in the prefecture of Saitama. Find a play center in your area;

  1. Saitama City
  2. Seibu (Western) Saitama
  3. Tobu Tojo Line
  4. Ageo City
  5. Kawaguchi City
  6. Koshigaya City
  7. Misato City
  8. Kasukabe City
  9. Other Areas in Saitama

Please note I can only check for updates every once in a while, so please do always check with the official website to see if the attraction is still open / operating on the day you wish to visit. Also, please note, we lost a lot of play centers during the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the declining population, it is an increasing trend. The ones that are left, hereafter. The official website is linked within each individual post for an attraction.


Kids US Land Omiya opened today, April 27th 2024

NEW IN APRIL 2024 – opening on April 27th 2024. Kids US Land Nishi Omiya Saitama City.

Molly Fantasy’s Kidzoona in Omiya

Molly Fantasy’s Kidzooona (English) – Omiya Aeon, Saitama City. Still going strong in 2024.

Kid-O-Kid in Cocoon 2 Saitama Shintoshin

Bornelund Play World Kid-O-Kid (English)  – Cocoon 2, Saitama Shintoshin, Saitama City. Still going strong in 2024.

The Railway Museum in Omiya

Saitama Railway Museum (English) – Omiya

Ofura Cafe Utatane (Japanese) – Kita Ward

Molly Fantasy (Japanese) – Aeon Mall Urawa Misono, Urawa

Molly Fantasy (Japanese) – Aeon Yono, Aeon

Kid’s US Land (Japanese) – Seiyu Yono branch, Yono

NEW Little Planet (Japanese) – Stellar Town. Opened in 2019.


Kid’s Spocha (Japanese) – Round 1 Stadium, Iruma

Wai Wai Park (Japanese) – Aeon Mall, Iruma

Cats Eye Sayama

CLOSED PERMANENTLY DURING THE PANDEMIC. Cats Eye Sayama. It was old and musty, but it was a big play center with lots of great equipment.

Wai Wai Park Sayama

Wai Wai Park (English) – Aeon Mall, Sayama

Tobu Tojo Line

&Nursery (Japanese) – Wako

Kid’s Spocha (Japanese) – Round 1 Stadium, Asaka

Trampoland (English & Japanese) – Niiza

Kid’s US Land (Japanese) – Marui Family, Shiki shut down

Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure

CLOSED IN 2024. I can’t believe Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure in Lalaport, Fujimi closed down after nine years. It was an excellent play center with cafe.

CLOSED 2021 Team Lab Islands (English) – Lalaport, Fujimi. Permanently closed since January 17th 2021.

NEW IN 2022 Crayon Shinchan play area (English) – Lalaport Fujimi. Opened February 25th 2022.

Kid’s US Land Kamifukuoka

CLOSED 2023. I can’t believe this branch closed, it was the biggest in central / west Saitama. This Kid’s US Land was in Seiyu, Kamifukuoka, Fujimino. It closed on November 15th 2023.

Wanpaku Land (English) – Maruhiro, Kawagoe

CLOSED Hoppe (English) – Kawagoe 

CLOSED 2018 Kid’s US Land (English) – Modi, Kawagoe

Kawagoe Kids US Land – Pepe, Kawagoe, still open in 2024

Shidax (English) – Shingashi, Kawagoe

NEW Airjoy (English) – Kawagoe, opened in 2018

Halos Garden (English) – Tsurugashima

Shidax Tsurugashima

Shidax (English) – Tsurugashima

Kid’s US Land (English) – Seiyu, Higashimatsuyama Closed on August 31st 2018

Aruzo Land

CLOSED Aruzo Land (English) – Aruzo Net / Matsubori Real Estate, Higashimatsuyama. Was an excellent free play center, with no strings attached, in a real estate ageny’s offices. It had some really lovely equipment, as you can see in the photo above. Regrettably it closed during the pandemic. I believe its a coin laundry now.

Sweet Fantasy Pacc’n

Sweet Pacc’n Fantasy (English) – Peony Walk Mall, Higashimatsuyama

Children’s castle slide

Children’s Castle (English) – Saitama Children’s Zoo, Higashimatsuyama

Shidax, Higashimatsuyama

Shidax (English) – Higashimatsuyama


Kids Spocha

Kid’s Spocha (English) – Round 1 Stadium, Ageo

Niko Niko Garden

Niko Niko Garden (English) – Festa, Ageo

Saitama Ice Arena (Japanese) – Ageo

Maneki Neko (Japanese) – Ageo

CLOSED 2018 Namco Kids Asobi Park – Papa Kita Ageo

NEW IN 2023: Ikimono Tankentai (indoor petting zoo) – Papa Ageo

Sobi Nabi by Molly Fantasy (Japanese) opened December 4th 2020 – Aeon Mall Ageo


NEW Asoboon Kawaguchi at the Kawaguchi Highway Oasis. Opened on April 25th 2022.

Molly Fantasy (Japanese) – Aeon Mall Kawaguchi Maekawa

Yu Kids Island (Japanese) – Aeon Mall Kawaguchi Maekawa

Rainbow Coloured Train (Niji Iro Train) (Japanese) – Kawaguchi Station

Wai Wai Park (Japanese) –  Aeon Mall Kawaguchi

Kid’s US Land – The Price Kawaguchi, Kid’s US Land – Aeon Mall Kawaguchi closed down


Kid is... (Japanese) – Aeon Lake Town

Molly Fantasy Skid’s Garden (Japanese) – Aeon Lake Town

Bornelund Tot Garden (Japanese) – Aeon Lake Town

Asobi Park Plus  (Japanese) – Namco, Aeon Lake Town

Flystation (English) – near Aeon Lake Town

Kid’s US Land  – Koshigaya Sun City, still open in 2024

New Jum Power Trampoline – opened March 2017


Thomas Town (Japanese) – Lalaport, Shin Misato

Smaland (English) – Ikea, Shin Misato

Graffiti Kingdom (Japanese) – Ito Yokado

Kid’s Castle Misato (Japanese) – Piala City CLOSING PERMANENTLY ON FEBRUARY 26TH 2023

Kid’s Spo-cha Round 1 Stadium (Japanese on a personal blog) – Lalaport Shinmisato {Spo-cha information in English}

Little Planet (English) – Lalaport, Shin Misato. Opened in 2018, CLOSED JANUARY 2023


Kasukabe Yumoto Hot Spring (English) – Kasukabe

Wai Wai Park (Japanese) – Aeon Mall, Kasukabe


Wai Wai Park (Japanese) – Kumagaya

Kids US Land Aeon (Japanese) – Kumagaya

Soyu Himitsu No Mori

Soyuu Himitsu No Mori (English) – Mallage, Kuki

Kids Spocha (Japanese) – Round 1 Kurihashi, Kuki

Nicopa Soka Toneri  (Japanese) – Shimachu Homes Soka Toneri, Soka

Nicopa Satte (Japanese) – Maruetsu, Satte

Sweet Fantasy Pacc’n (English) – Benibana Walk, Okegawa

Kid’s Park

Kid’s Park  – Elumi, Konosu CLOSED August 31st 2020

Molly Fantasy Skids Garden (Japanese) – Aeon Kita Toda, Toda

Molly Fantasy Skids Garden (Japanese) – Aeon Mall Hanyu

Play Kingdom Peekaboo (Japanese) – Aeon Mall Hanyu

Wai Wai Park (Japanese) – Aeon Town, Kamisato

All information was correct, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of publishing; May 31st 2017. Please do check with the official site for up-dates.  If you know of any other indoor play center (excluding jidokan community play centers) please do leave a comment or send a private message through the Saitama With Kids Facebook page. Thank you.

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