Inomata Hundred Light festival, or Inomata 108 lights, is one of 312 Important Intangible Folk Properties of Japan. It is held annually on the 15th of August in the Inomata area of Misato in the Kodama District of Saitama. Furthermore, it is the unique bon ceremony of the town with an approximate 400 hundred year history.

Inomata Hundred Light Festival

The event was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. It is on in part in 2022, but it is not open to the public.

The Inomata clan was one of the seven Musashi clans. Moreover, the Inomata chieftain was very influential in the Heian period. The festival is started with a traditional taiko drum performance before the ceremony. For the ceremony local volunteers, dressed in festival garb, light 108 mounds with fire. The mounds stretch from Kodai Temple to Mt Domae. They launch fireworks afterwards. It is a spectacular sight to see the stunning fireworks over 108 mounds of fire.

Featured image from the official event webpage on the official Misato Tourism website.

Access Inomata Hundred (108) Light Festival

The nearest train station is Yodo station on the JR Hachiko line. It takes about 25 minutes on foot from the station to Kodai Temple.

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