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Information for the Stunning rose garden cafe ~ Greenfinger Cafe and Shop, Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture. Each year in May the cafe is open almost daily for the annual ‘rose fair’, which indicates the period that the beautiful roses in the garden are in their prime.

Greenfinger cafe instacafe in saitama japan

There has been a steady rise of Instacafe spots all over Japan, but Greenfinger cafe in Tsurugashima might well win a prize for the most instagrammable cafe in all of Saitama. It is particularly the garden of the cafe that has created its instafame. Especially the roses, which have won numerous accolades over the years. But inside the cafe is equally photogenic. People come from all over Saitama, even beyond, to see the roses and enjoy the scenic cafe.

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Shimizu Gardens / Gardening

Award winning rose gardeners in Japan. Greenfinger cafe rose awards
Rose and Gardening awards

Before there was even a sign over the door, the owners of the restaurant were renowned in the rose and gardening world. If you’ve ever been to the Tokorozawa International Rose Festival you will know their work. They have won dozens of globally acclaimed awards at that festival, before the 20 year old festival closed its doors for the final time in 2018.

Greenfinger Cafe

Greenfinger cafe

The cafe is Greenfinger Cafe in Tsurugashima. And the owners certainly do have green fingers… and green thumbs. I was awed to the point of speechlessness, and with a tear in my eye, as I absorbed the magnificent scenery that accosted me as I entered the garden. Even when I was parking the car, the smell of the roses cloaked me in joyful anticipation. You soon see why the owners have won so many prizes. There are many wonders to behold at the small, but impressive garden. Far too many to list. But below I have outlined a few points of interest with photos:

Roses at Instacafe greenfinger cafe tsurugashima saitama

Roses are the highlight in May, hence they call the month of May “Rose Fair”.

Outside decorated with roses at Greenfinger cafe tsurugashima

Each variety of rose blooms at slightly different times so the garden changes appearance week on week.

Purple roses saitama japan at instacafe greenfinger cafe tsurugashima #instacafe

They have purple roses which are a rarity.

A gnome in a tree at a rose garden cafe

There are so many things to discover in the garden and the shop. Statues and trinkets galore!

An old kura transformed into a room with a garden view

There is an old Kura (storehouse), converted from a state of disrepair, to include a view.

Rose Garden Cafe Greenfinger cafe Tsurugashima

The whole of the cafe, garden and outhouses were built by the staff.

Rose Garden Cafe Greenfinger

Despite being only seven years old (2019), the gardens are mature.

French windows in the stunning Greenfinger cafe in Tsurugashima, Saitama

You can’t eat outside, but the french windows offer a great view and create the illusion that you are in the garden.

Gardening goods at Green Finger Cafe

Inside is just as curious and engaging. They sell gardening goods as well as novelty items and even floral skin products.

bear statue with daisies

There is attention to detail throughout the cafe and garden.

A rose in a high heel shoe

Even the toilets have rose detail!

Lady Foxglove

There are other flowers, not just roses. Currently, the roses are the highlight, but next month in June the hydrangea will be in bloom. Several other flowers are also planted here and there in the garden.


The menu is quite small, during rose season when they have a rose fair, with only a handful of lunch dishes. But they have desserts for this period too, such as the delicious and photogenic crepes pictured above. The cafe is open more frequently during the rose flowering period though – an extra two days per week. Out of rose season there is a fuller menu.

Instacafe Greenfinger Cafe Tsurugashima English country garden
Galette at Greenfinger Cafe Tsurugashima

The menu is in Japanese, but it has very clear photos. The main staple of the cafe is a type of Breton Galette. A french dish of a pancake type base with ham. In Greenfinger cafe they serve it with salad.

Salmon Doria at Instacafe Greenfinger cafe tsurugashima saitama great place to eat in saitama cafe with a view
Salmon Doria ~ the rose is made out of salmon

They also have a shrimp doria and a salmon doria. I had the latter and my friend had the Galette. The rose in the center of the doria was shaped from the salmon. We were both very happy with our meals.

They cost 2000 yen in 2019 and came with one drink of either tea, coffee or a soft drink. In 2023, the price is 3000 yen but they now include a dessert in the set. Like almost every restaurant in Japan, you get water for free. They have a large water tank where you can help yourself to refills.


Greenfinger instacafe saitama japan

This is definitely one garden cafe that I will visit multiple times. Apart from the breathtaking garden, the staff are, as we say in Ireland, legends. They are so friendly and so kind. And it rubs off on the clientele. There is a real relaxed and amiable atmosphere in the cafe. One of the staff in the restaurant speaks fluent English. And all the staff are all too willing to take your photo. Instagood Instacafe !!

Rose Fair 2024

The rose fair is the name they give to the prime season, when the roses are in bloom. It is the month of May. During the rose fair the cafe opens every day except most Mondays. As you will see in the information section below, they are only open four or five days a week throughout the rest of the year. They highly recommend you book in advance for the rose fair month. If you don’t book you will have to wait in turn for a space to become free. It is usually a long wait!


Name: Greenfinger Cafe Tsurugashima

Address: 4-1 Kamishinden, Tsurugashima-shi, Saitama 350-2225

Phone: 049-279-1100, operated between 9 am and 7 pm.

Hours: The base hours are Thursday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. However, between April and June they open until 6pm. Furthermore, during the rose season the cafe opens additional dates. In 2024 the cafe is open almost everyday in May except Tuesday May 7th and Monday the 13th, 20th and 27th. In June, they also normally open on Wednesdays (i.e. closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). In July it reverts back to Thursday to Sunday business hours only and 5 pm closing time.

Cost: average 2000 3000 yen

Official Website

Official Instagram account


Greenfinger Cafe is within walking distance of two stations: Nishioya Station and Ippommatsu Station. Both are on the Tobu Ogose Line. Ippommatsu is about an 11 minute walk from the cafe, and Nishioya is about 14 minutes, on foot.

By car, the cafe is close to the Tsurgashima Junction of the Ken-O and Kanetsu expressways. There is parking for about 14 cars, but they fill up very quickly. There is a coin parking lot about a three minute walk from the illustrious cafe.

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    We all are looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you!

    1. Hello Junko, thank you so much.

      We LOVE your cafe and garden. We will be back next week 😀 Thank you for your hospitality and friendliness.

      Green Finger is my favourite garden cafe <3

      See you again

  2. You really managed to find a corner of paradise and not the only pauses expected in Japan! What a gem you have discovered!

  3. Wow! Next week🤩!!
    Roses are blooming more🌹🌹🌹‼️

    See you again!

    1. It is so lovely and refreshing to eat a meal while enjoying a stunning view of a beautiful garden

  4. Oh my goodness what an absolutely beautiful place to go and sit and relax and unwind. It looks like such a lovely are to spend some you time.

    1. Definitely the nicest garden cafe I have been to do date 🙂 Thank you for your comment

  5. I like that rose changes colors . I would enjoy going to this place with friends . Relaxing and fun to be at the same time.

    1. I am going again next week and supposedly there are different varieties in bloom. So I am excited!! Thank you for your comment.

  6. what a beautiful place to go and relax, I love to see all of the flowers.

  7. That cafe is definitely instagrammable! I would also do with a lot of shots from the spot. And the menu didn’t disappoint either! So delish!

  8. I wish there was a place like that near me. I would really enjoy myself around there.

  9. Looks like great place flowers and garden bring happiness. food looks delicious too.

  10. What a beautiful and colorful place. I love all the flowers and the food looks amazing! It looks like a great place to enjoy time with friends and forget the time.

  11. Thank you for coming back to our cafe💮 in heavy rain!🥰

    How was the rain cafe?

    I heard from the manager that you came to the cafe! 🙌

    I was not in shift today, so it was unfortunate that I couldn’t meet you!

    Hope to see you again someday‼️🌹🌲

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Junko,

      Thank you so much for your message – even on your day off 🙂 I love Green finger cafe so much. It is even beautiful in the rain. I have updated my blog post about Green Finger with the rose season extra hours and with a full page (page 2) of just photos. Green Finger makes me happy!

      Thank you so much to you and all the team for a wonderful dining experience in a stunning setting. We will be back for the hydrangea in June!!! 🙂

      Enjoy your day off.

      All the best,


  12. Hi, Lynda

    Thank you for your message.
    I read your updated blog.

    You 🌹 in the garden are very nice‼️
    It was good that you could enjoy Greenfinger cafe in the rain.

    Was the photogenic crepe delicious?

    See you in the season of the hydrangea💠!


    1. Hi Junko,

      Thank you so much. Very delicious 🙂 All the food is delicious.

      See you in a couple of weeks!!

      All the best,


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