Kisai Hydrangea Festival and Tsurugashima Kyoei Autumn festival

Information for the annual Autumn Festival at Kyoei Shrine in Tsurugashima. Interestingly, Tsurugashima City do not have information on their website about this event, which looks very good for families. They do, however, have it listed on a PDF file with all the main confirmed festivals in Tsurugashima in 2023. The information in this post comes from the very detailed post on Goguynet, with photos galore and even an access map.

Tsurugashima Kyoei Autumn Festival

According to Goguynet there will be a ceremony at the shrine from 8.30 am, but that is not open to the general public. The festival will begin at 9 am at which time participating children gather to get ready to carry the mikoshi (portable shrine). You can see the children parade the mikoshi from 9.20 am to 10.15 am. From 10.20 am children can try eSports and Sand Art. There will also be taiko and yosakoi performances. They will have a lottery draw with some nice prizes, including Disney tickets as the top prize. In addition, they will also have some workshops from 10 am. Moreover, children can do a water balloon scoop for free. They also list candy floss as being free! Presumably it is subject to availability.

Did you know that Tsurugashima has an all year round food truck “station”? Kitchen Car Station 365 opened in Tsurugashima earlier this year! Five of the food trucks from there will be at the venue on the day. They will be open from 10 am. Two sell desserts, one sells takoyaki, another hot dogs and one is a kebab truck.


Event: Tsurugashima Kyoei Shrine Autumn festival つるがしま共栄秋祭り2023

Date: Sunday October 22nd 2023

Time: from 9 am to 3 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Kyoei Daiichi Kaikan and Kyoei Shrine, 172-2 Mitsugi, Tsurugashima, Saitama 350-2217. View on Google Maps.


The venue is located relatively close to Tsurugashima City Hall, so any buses going to there will be within walking distance of the festival. The shrine is about a 30 minute walk from Wakaba Station.

Confirmation of the festival on a file on the Tsurugashima City official website.

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