Tokigawa Iris Garden

Information for the 2024 Tokigawa Iris Festival in Saitama, Japan. The iris is in a beautiful rural setting, by a natural river that is suited to paddling. The festival is on for just over two weeks, but, in 2024, there are only events on for two days in that period.

Tokigawa Iris Festival

The Tokigawa Iris Festival is held at the Tokigawa Iris Garden, a relatively small iris garden with about 5,000 iris. The iris bloom around the first three weeks in June. The featured image at the top of the post was taken today, May 28th in 2023, which was a little early for the purple iris, but the yellow iris were blooming.

Tokigawa Iris Festival 2023

Before the pandemic, the festival was actually only on for one day. But since the festival restarted in 2022 (it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021) it is now just over two weeks long. In 2024, that is from Friday June 7th to Sunday June 23rd. However, the “festival” period mainly indicates the main period of bloom of the iris. But, they will have a more typical festival on the weekend of the 15th. That is, Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th. There will be food trucks, live performances, including dance and taiko, and a farmer’s market on those days.

Interestingly, that is a lot less than what they had on last year. However, they may add more events in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the horses will be back again. Normally, for this festival horses from nearby Care Garden, a facility for retired race course horses, are on site for photos (at a charge!) The Tokigawa Town website states to refer to the Tokigawa tourism website for more information, but the tourism website has not been updated since 2023!

More about the garden and the adjacent river…


Event: Tokigawa Iris festival 2024 ときがわ花菖蒲まつり

Dates: from Friday June 7th to Sunday June 23rd 2024

Hours: from 9 am to 4 pm.

Cost: 100 yen admission fee per adult.

Venue: Tokigawa Iris Garden, 2508 Tamagawa, Tokigawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0342. View on Google Maps.

>>More information in English about the Tokigawa Iris Garden and the adjacent Toki River where you can paddle your feet or fish!<<


The Tokigawa Iris Garden is located near to the Tokigawa Town Hall and the town library. It is about a 13 minutes walk from the beautiful JR Myōkaku Station on the Hachiko Line. You can also take a bus from the station; it takes about three minutes on the bus. There is also a bus from the west exit of Musashi Ranzan station on the Tobu Tojo line that goes to the Sesaragi Bus Center in Tokigawa. From there you can either get another bus to the town hall or walk 30 minutes.

Myokaku Station Tokigawa
Myokaku Station in the background

The garden is 20 minutes by car from the Kanetsu Expressway’s Higashimatsuyama Interchange. You can park in the town hall’s car park. Parking is free.

Official festival web page on the Tokigawa Town website.


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