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For the second year in a row, the Iruma Nouryou Firework Festival has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Iruma Nouryou Firework Festival

Nouryou is one of those Japanese words that is difficult to translate. It literally means coolness, but when it is used with “sai ” it means festival. Generally, it is liberally translated as “Summer Evening Festival”. The Iruma Summer Evening Festival is held annually on the 15th of August, unless there is rain.

From the Iruma Tourist board site

Approximately 2000 fireworks are launched.

In the event of rain the fireworks will be postponed until Friday the 16th.

Approximately 21,000 people participate in this event.

Iruma Nouryou Fireworks Access

10 minute walk from Bushi station on the Seibu Line.

Official website.

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