Irumagawa Tanabata Festival

The Sayama City Irumagawa Tanabata Festival and Fireworks are officially one of the three great Star Festivals of the Kanto region. The festival is on in 2023, but in July rather than the usual August. Sayama City hosted the festival in 2022 also, but it was very much a festival “lite” with many of the usual elements of the festival missing, including the Saturday night fireworks. Thankfully, the fireworks are back in 2023.

Irumagawa Tanabata Festival

Listed in the top 3 Tanabata (Star) festivals for the whole of Kanto, the Sayama City Irumagawa Tanabata two day festival normally draws approximately 130,000 people annually. The festival is traditionally celebrated on the first weekend of August, but in 2023 it will be on Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th. The fireworks are on the Saturday night.

The city displays 140 tanabata decorations such as streamers and other paper decorations. Generally, there are about 300 festival stalls. Thankfully they are back in 2023. Normally there is food, drink and traditional festival stalls, such as the beloved “fishing” game, where you get to keep any fish you catch with a small net. Last year, the festival stalls were sorely missed. Moreover, they are planning to bring back the dance performances too, which were also cancelled in 2022.

Don’t miss! There is a great Starbucks with a terrace AND an outdoor playground just a 20 minute walk from the festival. Sayama Inariyama Park and the Sayama City Museum are also within walking distance from the station / festival.

Irumagawa Tanabata Information

Event: Sayama City Irumagawa Tanabata Festival 狭山市入間川七夕まつり

Date: Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th 2023

Time: back to its “normal” time this year – from 11.30 am to 10 pm on the Saturday and to 9 pm on the Sunday. The fireworks start from 7.30 pm on the Saturday night.

Cost: free

Venue: West exit area of Sayama shi Station


The festival area is close to Seibu Shinjuku Sayamashi Station. Around the west exit of the station.

Official 2023 web page

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Editor’s note: Sayama Irumagawa Festival information initially published in 2016 and updated annually. Last update June 30th 2023. The festival was never scheduled for 2020 as Sayama city had decided well in advance to forego the festival due to concerns about the scheduled Olympics. In 2021, the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. 20170801

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