Water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park

According to the Saitama City Tourism Facebook page, the water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park are already blooming. The striking red bridge, “Yatsu” bridge, that the park is famed for, creates a beautiful backdrop to the flowers. This park is also known for its cherry blossoms and cherry blossom festival in late March and early April. They host other events throughout the year too. The park has some nice facilities if you are visiting with kids, including a wading river and ‘romance car’ train carriage.

Water lilies Iwatsuki Castle Park

Water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park

Saitama City posted on May 14th (post below) to say that the water lilies are blooming. I think they are a little early this year. They usually bloom from about the end of May to early August. The featured photo at the top of the post and the one above this paragraph were taken later in summer in a previous year. The pond is ironically called “Shobu” Iris Pond, but there are currently no iris in bloom! Moreover, the water lilies bloom for much longer, so its more like a water lily pond!

Saitama City Tourism Facebook post:

Iwatsuki Castle Park water lilies

There are two types of water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park. Attraction (Nymphaea) water lilies – the pink ones – and alba water lilies – the white ones. Usually the alba water lilies bloom first from around late May and peak in early June. They are followed by the attraction water lilies that are usually visible until around early to mid August. However, it would seem the attraction water lilies have also started to bloom already. Just like lotuses, water lilies flower in the morning and close up in the afternoon, so the best time to see them is in the morning.

Water play

Wading river at Iwatsuki Castle Park

There is a small river in the park that is suitable for water play. There was a splash pad too, but its currently being used as a turtle pond! There’s also a nice playground in the park. They have a romance car carriage in the park. It is open between 10 am and 3 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and daily until 4 pm in August. There is an air conditioning – much needed in August!

Romance Car in Iwatsuki Castle Park

The park has a festival each year in March. The biggest event each year though is the cherry blossom festival. This park also has some hydrangea which should bloom around mid June.

Iwatsuki Castle Park clock

The Iwatsuki Castle Park clock is pretty well known locally too. There are two unusual things about it. One, there’s a doll in it! Two, the numerals are written in Kanji. Another focal point of the park is the aforementioned Yatsu bridge. The red bridge that goes over the water lily pond. It is picturesque all year round. I took this photo in early March last year:

Iwatsuki Castle Park red bridge

Don’t miss the Iwatsuki Hisaizu Shrine a 14 minute walk away! Particularly in the summer when the wind chimes are up.


Flower: Water lilies at Iwatsuki Castle Park 岩槻城址公園の睡蓮

Season: from mid to late May until August

Hours: 24 hours in theory, but no lighting at night

Cost: there is no admission fee to the park

Venue: Iwatsuki Castle Park, 3 Chome-1-1 Ota, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama, 339-0052. View on Google Maps.

Iwatsuki Castle Park Access

The park is an approximate 25 minute walk from the east gate of the Tobu Urban Park Line’s Iwatsuki station. There is a small parking lot.

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Official web page on the Saitama City Tourism website.

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