Human Doll Display at Iwatsuki Festival

Last year this festival was on in Autumn rather than summer. It is back on in summer in 2023, which makes me concerned for human dolls in this festival! Because real living people dress up in traditional Hina doll robes and stand still as if on a hina dolls display. August is not just hot, but humid, a humidity that is unbearable in shorts and t-shirts. I really can’t imagine being dressed up in Hina Doll costumes!

Iwatsuki Festival

Iwatsuki festival is one of dozens of summer festivals held in Saitama City each year. It is on in the second half of August annually. In 2023, it will be on Sunday August 20th. Generally, the festival has a children’s mikoshi (portable shrine), Yosakoi dance, a dolls parade and a mini water fight festival for kids. In addition, there are festival stalls and food trucks at the festival. However, the highlight of this festival is definitely the Jumbo Human Dolls Display!!…

Jumbo Human Dolls Display!

The jumbo hina doll stage features humans dressed up as Hina dolls as you would see them in a traditional hina doll display! Huge kudos to the people who dress up in these elaborate costumes. It must be so incredibly hot to sit outdoors in Hina Dolls costumes. I hope for their sake, this year will be a lot cooler.


Event: Dolls Town Iwatsuki Festival 人形のまち岩槻まつり

Date: Sunday August 20th 2023

Time: from 3 to 8 pm

Cost: free, bring some yennie for festival food and drinks!

Venue: around Iwatsuki station and the Iwatsuki Ningyo (Dolls’) Museum in Saitama City. The latter, the Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum’s car park is the main festival area. Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum, さいたま市岩槻人形博物館, 6 Chome-1-1 Honcho, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama, 339-0057. View on Google Maps.


The festival can be accessed from the east exit of the Iwatsuki Station on the Tobu Urban Park line.

Official website

The featured image was taken from STIB (the Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau)

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  1. My father (who was Japanese) bought a set of O-Hina Sama for me when I was five years old, and now I have my precious hina dolls in my home; I have always loved these dolls, and I can imagine how impressive the like-size human dolls must be!

    1. Author

      Aren’t the hina dolls sets so beautiful. Its a shame we only take them out around Girls’ Day, but at least it keeps them in good condition. The ones we have are in a glass display case, just the Emperor and the Empress, so it is very easy to display. Do you have the type that you need to set up yourself? Hard work, but well worth it. 🙂 I really want to see the human doll display at this festival!!

      1. My set has the different levels for musicians, guards, etc.; it came with a glass case, and I just keep them on display all the time in my family room.

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