Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum

The Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum is opening on February 22nd 2020.

Some really exciting news for Saitama city. A new dolls museum the “Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum” is opening next year, 2020. It makes perfect sense to have a ningyo museum in a town filled with doll manufacturing history and culture. And it will be open in time for the 2020 dolls festival which is also widely celebrated in Iwatsuki. (See floating dolls event)

About the museum from the developers:

Aim to promote and raise awareness of ningyo culture

The Iwatsuki Ningyo Museum is to be opened on February 22, 2020 in the ningyo town
of Iwatsuki. Through developing and implementing various programs such as collecting
and storing, researching, and exhibiting and advocating ningyo and its culture, the
museum hopes more people would become familiarized with ningyo.
The museum aims to provide a facility where everybody can have fun and promote
the beauty, history and depth of ningyo as a form of Japanese culture.
Our extensive collection features various ningyo and toys from Japan and overseas
belonged Tekiho Nishizawa (1889 – 1965) whom was a Japanese painter and ningyo toy
researcher. Nishizawa, also served as an expert commission member of the Intangible
Cultural Properties Protection Committee and judge for Japan Traditional Art Crafts
Exhibition, saw the value in ningyo as artworks and cultural asset and introduced it to
the world. The ningyo selected by the painter’s aesthetic sense were introduced in
various books both domestically and internationally, and known as a top-level private
In addition, the museum also houses various ningyo collections; information on
famous local ningyo and ningyo manufacturing; artworks and old books that tell the
cultural background of ningyo.

Source: https://ningyo-muse.jp/assets/pdf/ningyo_muse_en.pdf

Iwatsuki Doll Museum Information

The featured image is also from the Official website.

Opening hours, cover charge and finer details are not yet available (August 2019), but I will update this article as more information comes to light:

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, with last admission at 4.30 pm, from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Closed: Mondays, except when its a public holiday, and from December 28th to January 4th.

Cost: general admission is 300 yen per person, 200 yen for a group of 20 or more people and a yearly pass costs 1,030 yen.


The museum is currently being built (and coming along nicely). It is relatively close to the Tobu Noda Line’s Iwatsuki station.

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