The Lego Store

Lego School Lalaport Fujimi

Japan’s 1st lego school, an after school education programme, opened in Lalaport, Fujimi, last month (April 2015).

The “school” runs a number of different programmes, by age group. A lesson costs 3,000 yen.

The lego store

Next door is the lego store.  The lego store sells lego sets as well as individual pieces by a pick and mix option. There are two small play tables and a wall area that kids can use and play with lego for free. They run several events during the year.


At the front of the store they have a model lego town.

The school and store are located on the 2nd floor of Lalaport Fujimi, but close to the 3rd floor parking of car park lots number 6 and 7.

More information is available on their website:

Wall lego play area lego school
Pick and mix

More things to do in Lalaport Fujimi with kids:

Play areas

Team Lab Islands have enjoyed much fame in the last year, but did you know their first play area in Japan was in Saitama? In Lalaport in Fujimi:

If your children are over three, you can enjoy a coffee while they play at the Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure on the 2nd floor:


Kids love the Steam Locomotive Cafe on the third floor. They have a model railway town with model trains and bullet trains constantly in action.


Lalaport Fujimi has a shoe shop that measures children’s feet:

Libro books has a really nice space for kids:

Access Lalaport Fujimi

Lalaport Fujimi is located off route 254. It has seven free car parks.

By public transport

From the official site:

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