July festivals Saitama

There are a huge number of festivals and events on this July, and indeed this summer, in Saitama Prefecture. Below you will find a round up of those events for the Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Umi no Hi (Marine day) public holiday in July. Marine Day falls on Monday July 17th in 2023. However, I have also included weekdays when there is a large festival on, which is quite often in July! I add new events all the time (as they are confirmed), so please do check back periodically! Moreover, a lot of these events are weather dependent – please do always also check with the official sites for any last minute changes / cancellations.

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Events on every day in July

When I say everyday, I mean everyday that an attraction is open. Often locations close on a Monday or one or two other days in the week.

July Festivals, Fireworks and Events – by day

July 14th 2023: I am taking annual leave from tonight! And I will be travelling internationally and domestically for much of the next 6 weeks. So I won’t be updating this post again in 2023. You can see August’s events round up here – that I will update at some point in August! Have a great and safe summer. 🙂

Sunday July 16th

⇗indicates a link to an external site, often Japanese language &/or the official page. Events on today, include all the events in the daily list (all things equal), plus…

Festivals &/or Fireworks on July 16th

All other events on July 16th

Public Holiday Monday July 17th

Festivals &/or Fireworks

All other events

Tuesday July 18th

Special entry, as there is a large, spectacular festival on today:

Wednesday the 19th of July

Special entry for this energizing festival with fireworks:

Thursday July 20th

There are two large, unique and famous festivals on today and one local, traditonal one:

Friday July 21st

Festivals &/or Fireworks

All other events

Saturday July 22nd

Festivals &/or Fireworks

All other events

Sunday July 23rd

Festivals &/or Fireworks

All other events

Wednesday July 26th

A special entry to share this lovely summer evening festival at the Iruma Air Base:

Friday July 28th

Festivals &/or Fireworks

All other events

Saturday July 29th

Festivals &/or Fireworks on July 29th

Festivals and/or fireworks on in Saitama Prefecture on Saturday July 29th 2023

All other events on July 29th

All of the events listed at the top of the post, plus…

Sunday July 30th

Festivals &/or Fireworks in Saitama Prefecture on Sunday July 30th

All other events on July 30th

Monday July 31st

A special entry for this summer festival at the West exit of Omiya Station:

Another event that is on annually on July 31st is the Washinomiya Shrine festival, with a Lucky Star mikoshi (portable shrine).

Locations in the featured photo, at the top of post, clockwise from top left:

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