Tanabata kamifukuoka and warabi hata festival

For the third year in a row the Kamifukuoka Tanabata Festival has been cancelled due to the pandemic. (You can see what festivals are going ahead here). Normally, this festival attracts over 150,000 participants annually. It is held on the first weekend of August.

They display tanabata (Star Festival) streamers in the area around the station during the festival. Close to 300 streamers can be seen. Furthermore, there are taiko and other music performances as well as dance and a children’s mikoshi (palanquin or portable shrine).

I have actually been a couple of times, but pre instant camera so I don’t have any photos online from our visit. Despite the numbers that attend the festival it still has a very local feel and isn’t as big as some of the other festivals happening in Saitama the same weekend, such as Asaka and Sayama.

There is no official website linked in the grey details box as there is no official website for this event. You can find plenty of information online from unofficial sources though.

Access Kamifukuoka Tanabata Festival

The festival is held close to Tobu Tojo Line’s Kamifukuoka station.  Driving to the event is discouraged due to the lack of parking. However, there is wheelchair accessible parking.

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The featured photo, in the thumbnail when the post is linked, is just an image. Photographer Fernando Mafra, commercial use and mods allowed permission from Flickr.

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